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Crash Course on Data & AI strategy

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Location Hybrid

Date 12 Mar 2024

In 2023, the world witnessed an unprecedented awareness of the transformative power of data. Gen AI emerged as the culmination of decades of advancements in big data technologies and language model research.

Companies are continuously investing in becoming data-driven, recognising that this shift involves not only technology but also a focus on cultivating the right skills among their workforce.

Despite the apparent competitive advantages of data-driven approaches, why are many companies still struggling to transform and get value from data, i.e. translating what into how?

Common challenges among companies seeking our help include the sporadic application of data-driven initiatives, limited accessibility to crucial data, redundant and inefficient data curation and modelling, and siloed data with inadequate sharing arrangements.

A pivotal tool in overcoming these challenges is a well-crafted Data & AI strategy, coupled with an actionable roadmap. The strategy serves as a fundament in gaining momentum for the transformation required to establish and sustain a data-driven culture. The Data & AI strategy’s primary purpose is to align key stakeholders on the ‘why, what, and how’ concerning data opportunities, capabilities, and risks.

Join our Crash Course, where we’ll impart insights on how a robust data & AI strategy can unlock genuine value from your organisation’s existing investments in data and AI skills and technology. Through real-life examples, we’ll guide you in formulating a holistic, business value-focused, and actionable strategic roadmap to gain tangible business value with your data and AI capabilities. Don’t miss this opportunity to accelerate your journey toward becoming a truly data-enabled enterprise.

Join our Crash Course and learn: 

  • How to make your data and AI strategy communicate business value.
  • Ways to boost real operational efficiency and derive value from the investments already made.
  • What a holistic, actionable and business value-focused data and AI strategy looks like in practice.

This Crash Course is best suited for business, tech and analytics leaders, who need practical tools and methods to ensure their organisation has a clear and actionable strategy to develop their data capabilities systematically and holistically. 

Agenda (times in CET)

Date 12 Mar 2024

Location Virtual or onsite in Stockholm, Lästmakargatan 10  

08.15 Breakfast (for onsite attendees in Stockholm)
09.00 Crash Course on Data & AI strategy
10.15 Q & A
10.30 Event ends
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