Crash Course on Business driven cloud adoption

Tero Peltola Cloud Advisor, Solita

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Date 26 Jan 2023

Watch the recording of Solita Crash Course on Business driven cloud adoption.

In this Crash Course recording we will focus on cloud migration excellence. Pure “lift & shift” technical migration projects typically achieve some benefits. But the most successful organisations today establish cloud migration excellence that involves a business driven cloud strategy coupled with a pragmatic plan for adoption/migration.

Attending this Crash Course you will learn why a holistic perspective to business driven cloud adoption is necessary, what are the strategies and reasoning behind modern cloud migrations and how to implement a migration excellence in your organisation and the key elements of its success. Insights from actual cases will also be given.

This Crash Course is best suited for C-level executives responsible for cloud strategy, business leaders who face application cloud migration challenges, project managers responsible for cloud migration projects, cloud center of excellence leaders and team members, architects who should advise on cloud, cloud practitioners and professionals interested in business driven cloud adoption.

Meet our speaker

Tero Peltola – Solita Cloud Advisor, PhD & certified AWS expert

Tero’s main expertise is cloud computing and developing processes & commercialising solutions. Tero has addressed technology commercialising throughout his career from various perspectives, including project management, dissertation thesis, and lectures. Tero is currently focusing on cloud computing and possibilities it enables and especially serverless architectures. Tero has shared his ideas through consulting and trainings. Some of his thoughts about AWS services are available at Tero is a co-inventor for three patents with former colleagues.

Watch the recording