Crash Course on API design

Simon Alen Integration Consultant, Solita

Jens Lambrechts Connectivity Consultant, Solita

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Location Online

Date 19 Oct 2023

In an era defined by interconnected systems and applications, APIs have emerged as an invisible yet omnipotent force powering our digital interactions. Whether you’re ordering a ride, checking the weather, or transferring money, APIs are the unsung heroes orchestrating these actions behind the scenes.

However, API design is not solely about functionality; creating APIs that are intuitive, efficient, and adaptable requires a deep understanding of both technical intricacies and the human experience. This is where architecture meets creativity, and code becomes a conduit for exceptional user journeys.

In this Crash Course you will learn:

  • How to design APIs in a way that is understandable and consumer-friendly

  • Security on API specification level

  • How to evolve your APIs with the right strategies and versioning

This Crash Course is intended for CIOs, IT Directors, IT Managers, Integration Architects, Enterprise Architects, API Practitioners, Product Owners, IT Integration specialists, and anyone who appreciates a well-functioning and aesthetic API.

Our speakers, Simon Alen and Jens Lambrechts, bring a wealth of experience to the table. Simon Alen is a Senior API Practitioner who focuses on designing, implementing, and optimising customer API strategies. Jens Lambrechts is one of our IT Integration Specialists, who breathes APIs like fresh air. Both possess years of experience in integration, and they have stood on both sides of the spectrum, functioning as both API consumers and providers.

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