Having a clear strategy is a must for any business to succeed. But how can we strategise in a world of constant change? What are good founding principles for a strategy, and how should decisions be made? Our experienced strategists help your organisation craft a strategy with design thinking, human insight and adaptive strategy work.

Strategy is notoriously difficult

Strategy isn’t visible by plain sight, it’s often difficult to implement and comprehend, and the consequences of a failed or missing strategy are only exposed after some time. Yet going forward with no strategy is not an option either.

Strategy is full of paradoxes

Strategy should steer the organisation’s most significant decisions and guide daily tasks. It needs updating continuously with the changing world, while it needs a long term orientation to avoid costly back-and-forths. It must be insightful and decisive, but also embrace uncertainty.

No strategy survives its first contact with reality

Although careful analysis is a cornerstone of good strategy, strategic choices are based on assumptions and ambiguities. Neither the board nor the strategy team is omniscient. From the start, the organisation’s strategy should be created and tested with both external and internal stakeholders, with customers naturally the most important group.


We help you develop a successful strategy by using human insight, experimentation and continuous learning

  • Adaptive strategy

    An insightful and facilitated strategy process. We identify the strategy hypotheses and related uncertainties and select the most critical ones for co-design and experimentation. We use the lessons learned to prioritise and make choices.

  • Strategic human and cultural insight

    We define the big picture to support strategic choices and decisions. We identify the current and hidden customer groups and analyse their key differences. We interpret the major trends and phenomena transforming business, and how they change the lives and behaviour of customers.

  • Strategic theme analysis and experimentation

    We analyse the chosen strategic theme (e.g. sustainability or circular economy) and use customer insight, experiments, and simulations to learn about its effects on your business. We concretise findings into new service business.

  • Challenging your thinking

    We provide an external viewpoint to challenge your organisation’s management and strategy team. We describe your dream position and how to achieve it.

  • Strategic adaptation

    We help build an adaptive strategy. We introduce design thinking and tools to your strategy work. Hypotheses, experiments, learning, scenarios, agile, and data-driven might be the buzz right now, but are everyday for us.

  • Customer-driven technology and data strategy

    We collect customer and business needs, and turn them into technology choices and new services. We start from the grassroots level by building customer insight and see the choices through to roadmap prioritisation.

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