Enterprise architecture

Enterprise architecture

Enterprise architecture is an essential part of supporting your company’s growth and digital transformation. With a well-designed enterprise architecture, you’ll get a structured and organised IT infrastructure that enables effective and scalable operations throughout your organisation, creating new internal or customer services faster. Solita helps you throughout the process of developing enterprise architecture, ensuring that you will achieve all the benefits and impact for your business.

A well-functioning enterprise architecture provides a solid structure and value for your IT and business initiatives, improving operational efficiency. Company-wide architecture and common models increase your ability for effective development by making all the structural capital easily available in one place.

You can utilise already existing models, streamline development processes and reduce costs. A modern enterprise architecture also supports the faster and more effective development of new digital services for your employees, customers and partners.

Our experienced specialists help you with all the perspectives of enterprise architecture

  • 1

    Business architecture – BMC

  • 2

    Operations architecture – Astrakan

  • 3

    Information architecture – Direct, DW, BI

  • 4

    Technical architecture – ToGAF

  • 5

    System architecture – RUP

  • 6

    Operational architecture – ITIL

Having a common EA tool with governance for all models leads to the best value for the architecture. This supports your organisation, projects, management, and IT in launching new models, common practices, and processes.


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