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People of Solita: Jorg Snyders Cloud Consultant & People Lead

Jorg Snyders Cloud Consultant & People Lead, Solita

Published 07 Nov 2023

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Meet our People of Solita. We have over 1800 employees in various locations with different skills and backgrounds – each with a story to share about what they do and what inspires them. This is Jorg, our Cloud Consultant and People lead, based in Leuven, Belgium.  

Over the past two years at Solita, I’ve come to deeply appreciate the company’s culture and values, and I’ve found immense joy in shaping the company’s vision through my role as a People Lead.

From Developer to Cloud Consultant and People Lead

My career kicked off as a developer at a local company, a role that I genuinely enjoyed. However, I soon found myself intrigued by the new world of cloud technologies. During this time, Solita, with its culture and values, caught my eye. I vividly remember my first interactions with Solita, a unique experience during the early days of the pandemic.

I initially joined Solita as a cloud consultant, but an exciting opportunity soon came up– the People Lead role. I decided to go for it and got the role which has since allowed me to collaborate with the team and play a part in realizing the company’s vision. I appreciate the alignment of Solita’s values with my own, making this position a perfect fit.

The collective knowledge and expertise of the Solita team help enhance our clients’ growth and maturity

I efficiently manage my time between my client and my People Lead responsibilities. I work eight hours a day at my client’s office, but the flexibility of my role allows me to allocate time for my People Lead responsibilities, with the full support of Solita and agreement with my client. My commitment to my People Lead role goes beyond the clock – I genuinely love what I do.

I acknowledge the major influence Solita has on the clients we work with. The collective knowledge and expertise of the Solita team help enhance our clients’ growth and maturity. I collaborate with my teammates at my client’s office, ensuring they benefit from Solita’s wealth of experience.

I make a conscious effort to preserve and enhance that culture in my day-to-day

For me, Solita’s values have remained consistent from my initial introduction to the company. I remember a presentation by Bruno during my interview, highlighting the company’s values through real office photos rather than stock images. Being a highly social person, I place significant emphasis on the company’s culture. I make a conscious effort to preserve and enhance that culture in my day-to-day role as a People Lead.

Funny times

One of my distinct traits is my love for plants. At Solita, I became the self-proclaimed “Chief Plant Officer.” It all started when I noticed the office plants needed some care. I took it upon myself to water and care for them, and this initiative evolved into a full-fledged office makeover with an abundance of plants. (and, until now, none of them has died!)

There have been so many enjoyable moments during my time at Solita. I appreciate the relaxed and fun atmosphere at the office, where colleagues can talk over a beer after work. Laughter and easygoing conversations are the norm. There are also unique experiences like unplanned yoga sessions and enthusiastic screams from the gaming room.

In conclusion, my journey at Solita is not just about being a People Lead; it reflects the company’s culture and values. My experience is a blend of professional growth and personal passion, all while maintaining a commitment to preserving and nurturing Solita’s unique workplace culture. 

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Jorg Snyders and a plant
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