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People of Solita: Data Consultant Tomi Rousi

Tomi Rousi Data Consultant, Solita

Published 12 Dec 2022

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Meet our People of Solita. We have over 1500 employees in different locations with different skills and backgrounds – each with a story to share about what they do and what inspires them. This is Tomi, our Data Consultant working with master data management.

Figuring out my way through a complex data model

I’ve been working with technological solutions throughout my whole career and was lucky to join Solita about a year ago as a Data Consultant. It’s been a journey of constant learning, interesting work, and good times in a friendly community.

Since my start here, I’ve worked with Semarchy development with our customer, a Finnish construction company, focusing on master data management. Our job is to ensure we have the correct data in place to smoothly deliver it forward through different integrations into systems where the information is needed. With our help, the customer has access to accurate and up-to-date information in all the systems. It’s about making the best use of available data.

The customer company’s data model is exceptionally large and complex, with plenty of information about projects, customers, suppliers, and employees, which makes the work interesting and challenging. I’m constantly learning and finding something new, although navigating the system can sometimes be time-consuming. Even after a full year of working with the model, I still don’t know it inside out.

I get thrilled when I figure out complicated connections in the model and create something that makes the data flow smoother. We make enrichers and validators in the system to make our jobs easier and simplify things for end-users. That’s also something that I like doing. Improving things makes me satisfied.

New technologies and supportive colleagues

I had a lot of experience in master data management before joining Solita, mainly using tools like Informatica and SAS. However, Semarchy was a completely new tool for me. The good thing here is that Solita is one of the world’s leading Semarchy companies in terms of skills and know-how, which has helped me learn and grow.

If I encounter a tricky problem and need support, there is always someone who can help me solve the challenge, usually one Slack message away. Colleagues here are also phenomenal mentors; they know how to teach you in a way that you learn and remember what to do next time. I’ve also studied independently, read white papers, and just got my Semarchy certification, so I feel much more confident these days.

I’ve learned from other technologies as well. My SQL skills have improved, and I have more understanding of integrations, including testing and API with Postman. We use Progress SQL as a database, so I’ve had a chance to educate myself about that too. Azure has also become familiar. We use Azure pipelines for automation and to move custom functions to different environments. Azure Logic Apps helps us spot errors in the integrations and ensure that the data flow is correct, and everything is in the right place.

I’d like to learn more about Azure and further improve my skills with Semarchy. Otherwise, I’m really satisfied with my current situation. I’ve seen and done a lot in the past, so I have less need to show my abilities at this stage. I like to allow younger colleagues to choose their interests first and support them in their career growth. That’s what motivates me these days.

Friendly and easy-going culture

The best part of my job is the people; the crew here is amazing. People are friendly, easy-going, and always willing to help. I met our current business unit lead for the first time in a pub in Kallio, where we discussed potential work opportunities. People here are casual, which is reflected in the atmosphere.

I’ve felt at home here from day one; the culture is very inclusive. Everyone’s views are appreciated, and if we encounter disagreements, we discuss them openly. I’ve also felt what caring, one of Solita’s key values, means in practice. I have a back injury, and people around me are genuinely interested in my well-being and ensuring I have all the necessary equipment to take care of my ergonomics. I’m happy I ended up being part of this community.

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