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People of Solita: Alexandra Andersson – Data Visualisation Consultant

Alexandra Andersson Data Visualisation Consultant, Solita

Published 14 Dec 2022

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Say hello to our colleague Alexandra Andersson! Alexandra has a master’s degree in energy, the environment and management, and she started her career in the energy sector but switched to data analysis because she loves numbers. She’s driven by curiosity and the desire to constantly evolve and learn new things – for example, she learnt Portuguese in a mountain cabin on Kebnekaise before moving to Brazil and has lived in 10 cities in four countries over 10 years. Now she’s landed in Östersund where she works as a consultant in data visualisation when she’s not out in nature running, cycling, or skiing in the mountains.

We’re delighted to have Alexandra with us at Solita, and we asked her what she thinks about…working at Solita?

I enjoy it very much! For me, the most important thing is to have the opportunity to try different things and constantly to learn more, and Solita is a great platform for that. I also particularly appreciate being able to work remotely. It’s noticeable that this possibility existed at Solita even before the pandemic – they have an established structure and processes for it, which means that it works very well. I’d longed to move to Östersund for several years but took the step in the spring of 2021. I saw that Solita was establishing itself in Östersund and got in touch because I thought Solita seemed to be a humane and friendly employer that builds great systems and services in data. I got the impression that it was like a community of smart and motivated people. And that turned out to be true.

…her current project?

I’m currently on secondment as a Power BI specialist and have been with the same customer since April. I’m helping the customer to develop an app to monitor costs in large projects to make sure they’re in line with the budget and invoice according to plan. My duties with the customer will be broadened in the future since I recently helped to map Power BI needs throughout the organisation. Among other things, we’ve identified needs in quality and sustainability reporting – which I find particularly exciting as it ties in with my interest in the field. The best part of my job is collaborating with others – I’m part of a Scrum team made up of the company’s own IT staff and users. We work together very closely, the users show us their needs, and together we ensure that the visualisation works with other IT systems.

…life as a consultant?

I enjoy working as a consultant, it suits me well. I like the variety and learning different things from different customers. I like the fact that the work is limited to a specific project, which means that the benefit of what we do is clear, and I feel that my work is appreciated by the customer. It’s also reassuring to have the Solita community behind me, I know I’m never alone, there’s always help from my colleagues.

…the biggest challenge of her job?

The biggest challenge is to prioritise! As resources are limited, both in terms of time and money, it’s impossible to do everything. Sometimes it’s frustrating not to be able to do everything I see a need for and that I know the customer would benefit from because there are no resources to do it.

…working remotely?

For me, it was a prerequisite when I took the job at Solita, and I enjoy working remotely. But sometimes I miss not seeing colleagues every day, so that’s why I’ve started the ‘IT lunch’. It all started when I was contacted by a girl in my network who also works with data, and now, in just a few months, it’s grown to 12 people from 10 different companies who have lunch together almost every week. Even though not everyone participates every time, it’s become a friendly network of women in Östersund who work with data and IT – we help each other and talk about challenges and opportunities, in work and in life. It’s really a very energising environment!

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