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People of Solita: Business Lead for Data Management, Diana Frisendal 

Diana Frisendal Business Lead, Data Management, Solita

Published 29 May 2023

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Meet our People of Solita. We have over 1600 employees in different locations with different skills and backgrounds – each with a story to share about what they do and what inspires them. This is Diana, our Business Lead for Data Management at the Copenhagen office. 

Data has always been my passion

I’m working with data management here in Denmark; as a Business Lead, I manage the business side of our team and work closely with our clients. My work includes everything from MDM to Data Catalogues and Data Products, including Information Modelling and Data Strategy. My role as a Business Lead is to understand the big picture of what the client needs and make sure that everything gets done.

I like working with many different customers and problems and learning from all of them. It’s rewarding to see how much better I’ve become by learning from different projects and being able to apply my learning in different contexts. I don’t know how I would develop if I were doing the same things all the time.

Data has always been my core; it’s in my blood, so it’s nice to expand my expertise in the area and manage a small team. It’s great to get excited together with the team about new challenges with the clients and help them to find solutions.

We have a people-to-people approach with our customers, and we talk to customers at the right level, depending on where they are in their journey. I can straighten my back and be serious when needed; I always meet the customer where they are. Even though we are in IT and Tech, we work with people. We sell people and skills, which is important to keep in mind.

International work and professional growth

Our team does a lot of cross-border collaboration with other Solita offices, which also means working together on international projects. Being a small data management team can be hard but also a good opportunity; we know each other quite well, which makes things easier.

I’m currently working on a German and Belgian project; previously, I worked on Swedish and Finnish projects. Working with people across the company and having a network from other Solita countries is beneficial. People are highly helpful at Solita; we want to do our best and improve together.

I’ve had the chance to grow and develop at Solita a lot. I started as a senior, but now I’m also a Business Lead. I’m not necessarily a huge fan of these labels, but I guess they say something. I used to say I don’t know how to make sales, but in the past six months, I’ve been involved in that area too. My colleagues told me just to present what I’m good at, so now I’m working in sales. It’s a big step for me, going into these sales meetings and having these discussions with the customers. Sometimes it’s hard to be everywhere at the same time, but having this variety of work is super interesting.

Culture as a game changer

Solita is not a typical management consultant company, and we are not consultants with suits and ties. Our culture is collaborative, and our reward model supports teamwork. We have a strong Slack culture, and people quickly answer any questions you might have. Through Slack, we have access to everyone in the company, and even though I haven’t met everyone, I feel like I know many people through Slack. This culture is a game changer for me to stay here, having people around who are always willing to help each other.

We also show up at work as human beings. We share about our lives, and nobody treats you like you’d only be a productive competence recognizing revenue. I’ve always been a bit more private and liked to keep my work and private life separate, but I’m learning to find the balance between how much of myself I take to work. But everyone can feel included here, regardless of how much they share about their personal life. Our Slack channels also include a bunch of leisure-related topics, from hobbies to after-work groups. It almost feels like an extended family.

Our values, “Caring, Passionate, Courageous, and Easy-Going,” also reflect our daily reality. We care for each other, and the people here are very considerate. People are also passionate about what they do, my passion has always been data, and this is a great fit for me. I’m definitely at the right spot.

We also encourage people to be courageous and trust themselves. Learning new things and stepping into “unknown” territory sometimes requires courage. Easy-going in our context means that people can be themselves. We don’t have to pretend anything, and personally, I try to have as much fun at work as possible!

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