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Meet our People of Solita Health: Timo Mäntyvaara

Timo Mäntyvaara Fullstack Developer, Solita

Published 12 Jun 2020

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Our Solita Health team members harness human insight and intelligent technologies to impact many lives. Our team members come from diverse backgrounds and have different stories to tell about how they got into Health related projects. Get to know the stories of some of our people: Meet Timo.

My name is Timo Mäntyvaara. I am a Full Stack Developer.

My biggest passion is scouting. I’ve been an active scout for almost thirty years. Outside scouting, video games, comics and movies consume most of my time.

My team is Palveluohjain or Service Controller in English. It is a service for managing appointments for social and health care services. Most of us in Team Palveluohjain are from Oulu. I might be a somewhat atypical Solitan developer in some sense, because I have been working in the same project for my entire time at Solita. I have worked at Solita for 3½ years. One of the best things about working at Solita is the trust and freedom employees are given here. And the fact that we mostly work in our own offices with our own teams. That was actually also one of the main reasons I chose to apply to Solita.

How did you get involved with Health related projects? What inspired you?

My background was already in special health care systems, so I guess it was a natural transition for me. My main inspiration is the impact digitalisation makes. Operators in health care, especially in the public sector, have traditionally been somewhat reluctant to give control to customers. Palveluohjain enables people to have some agency in managing their own appointments.

What have you learned from working on Health projects at Solita?

There is a huge difference in how organisations handle commissioning and deploying systems. Some organisations are ready and willing to experiment, others are more careful and like to make sure to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. We can make a difference by helping the more rigid organisations see the benefits of a more agile approach.

What’s your most impactful experience at Solita so far?

One kick-off in Helsinki comes to mind. We had recently acquired Palmu (now our Design & Strategy unit) and held a kick-off event to start the spring together. The whole Helsinki office was full of old and new Solitans. There was a sauna trailer outside and street food, beverages and games inside. The weather was nice, everybody was in a good mood and having a good time.

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