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Meet our People of Solita Health: Sanna Virkkunen

Sanna Virkkunen Business Director, Solita Health

Published 05 Jun 2020

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Our Solita Health team members harness human insight and intelligent technologies to impact many lives. Our team members come from diverse backgrounds and have different stories to tell about how they got into Health related projects.

Get to know the stories of some of our people: Meet Sanna.

Hi! I’m Sanna Virkkunen from Oulu, Finland. I work in multiple roles and I just love it!

I’m leading Solita Health sales here in Northern Finland, I’m also account director for some our wonderful customers and I get to manage the business of our Palveluohjain – the national scheduling solution for social and healthcare.

What’s your biggest passion(s)?

I’m extremely passionate about creating and cultivating good life – mine and others around me. One way of doing that is teaching Nia – a holistic fitness program that combines dance, martial arts and healing arts.

I love to see people around me growing, evolving and becoming better versions of themselves. I have a holistic view about wellbeing and I feel honoured to get to see people developing themselves in different areas of life – and to be a little part of it.

Did I mention running!? I love running fast! That’s something I’ve been training as competitively for a couple of years now.

What are you working on? Which team?

I’m working with our strategic accounts and I’m also part of our public pre-sales team. I get to see public organisation’s procurement processes close by. I also get my hands dirty with creating offers for our customers.

What do you love about your job? How long have you worked at Solita?

I’ve been working at Solita for over a year now and not a day has been the same. I love the variety of my work and the cases I can deep dive in.

What I love is the people I get to work with. Our people are so talented and multi-skilled – I get to learn new things and new aspects every day from my colleagues! Even though we work in so many different areas we still have so much in common. It’s been comforting for me to realise that the technology and the new innovation process remain the same despite jumping from one sector to another.

Here I feel everyone is taken care of and we have many opportunities to grow and develop ourselves.

How did you get involved with Health related projects? What inspired you?

Solita Health was the thing that lured me to Solita. I had been working at Oulu University Hospital in different engineering roles with healthcare digitalisation and information management for 16 years. I had hoped to find myself a job where I could combine my technology and leadership skills, my everlasting curiosity of learning new things and my holistic view of wellbeing. When I found out Solita Health was born, I wanted to be part of it.

What inspired me the most was the fact Solita Health is working on all levels of wellbeing – from healthcare to olympic sports and everything in between! For me wellbeing is not just lack of sickness – it’s more about building balance with all aspects of everyday life. That is an everlasting area to develop and Solita is good at it!

What have you learned from working on Health projects at Solita?

The first 6 months I was just amazed by our company’s management and leadership. It is open, respectful and agile in ways I hadn’t experienced before. Modern technology and modern ways of working indeed have their impact on us!

I have also learned that to create a modern, easy to use health solution you need all the puzzle pieces we have at place in Solita: Customer insight designers, the development wizards, the data and AI unicorns and integration superheroes. If you don’t fill in all these pieces you’ll end up with a solution that’s lacking either modern predictive features and analytics or no one wishes to use it due to poor user experience. The competence we have here is a prerequisite for quality and it gives us a competitive advantage.

And did I mention ISO13485? How to develop medical software with agile methods?! We have created RegOps here!

What’s your most impactful experience at Solita so far?

The most impactful thing at Solita has been seeing how changed the way Covid-19 affected our country’s healthcare system. I think this is the beginning of a new era: We can use technology to help people in their homes and at the same time we are collecting and cultivating the data to give our leaders high-quality analytics in real time.

For me almost everyday is impactful – it’s hard to mention just one experience. Maybe it’s the deep conversation with our customer, or the laughter and the creativity amongst our colleagues. At home I can use a website in awe – realising we’ve made this.

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