Insights into our data engineering opportunities in Belgium

Liese Hennus Director, People and Culture, Belgium and Germany, Solita

Published 07 May 2024

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In the world of data engineering, where we solve puzzles with code, finding the right place to grow can be a big deal. If you’re a Data Engineer looking for challenges and lots of room to learn, let me introduce you to Solita Belgium.

Solving tricky problems

We love tackling tough problems with data. We work on all sorts of projects, like gathering information from different places and putting it all together. It’s like solving a big puzzle every day, and it’s super exciting.

For example, we have teams working with a large multinational right now, helping them maximise the value out of their data, using cutting-edge paradigms, methodology and tools such as Data Product Thinking and a Generative Platform in Google Cloud Platform.

Our Data Engineers generally work on one project at a time, as the technologies and complexity of the projects are quite advanced.

Working together

Even though we’re spread out across Europe, we work together like we’re in the same room. We use tools like Slack to chat and share ideas, making it easy to collaborate no matter where we are. It’s pretty cool to learn from people with different backgrounds and ideas. If you have a question you raise in one of the channels, and within minutes you have several answers.

Always getting better

At Solita Belgium, we’re all about learning new things. We have workshops, info sessions and other events where we can learn from each other and get better at what we do. Plus, if you ever need help, there’s always someone around to lend a hand. There is also the freedom to learn new technologies, as we are a technology-independent company.

Balance is key

While we love our work, we also know that it’s important to have a life outside of work too. That’s why we offer flexible hours and remote work options, so you can find the balance that works for you. Your well-being is important to us, and we want you to be happy both at work and at home.

If you’re a Data Engineer who loves a good challenge and wants to be part of a supportive team, this is the place for you. Come join us, and let’s work together to solve some big problems and have some fun along the way. Welcome to Solita Belgium!

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