Growing and learning at Solita’s Connectivity Academy in Belgium

Niklas Van der Mersch Integration Consultant

Published 11 Jun 2024

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What does it take to help people grow in a tech company like Solita? How do we create an environment where everyone can reach their potential and advance in their careers? These questions drive our Connectivity Academy. This special program starts every year in September and offers new tech graduates to follow 3 weeks of intense training in technical and soft skills, before embarking on the first project. Today, we’re excited to share the stories of Jens and Niklas, two of our team members who have thrived thanks to our Connectivity Academy.

Jens: From Intern to Future Architect Jens graduated in electronics-ICT from PXL Hasselt and joined Solita in September 2021. He chose us after an internship because of the perfect mix of independence and support from experienced consultants. 

“The atmosphere here is easygoing and cosy; you feel at home,” Jens explains.

In his first weeks, Jens dove deep into Mulesoft with help from senior colleagues and quickly earned his certifications. By October, he was working with his first client, gaining practical experience and learning consultancy skills. Jens also enjoyed the freedom to work on side projects, like developing an exam simulator for Solita, which added to his learning journey.

We offer a wide range of training. For Jens, the first two years were filled with Mulesoft training, architect training, platform architect courses, and certifications in SCRUM, Terraform, Azure, and AWS. He aims to become an Architect, engaging in high-level conversations with customers and improving his presentation skills. “Working on different projects makes you curious,” Jens says. 

The chance to explore various fields initially helped Jens avoid becoming too narrow-focused and stay open to new ideas. His advice to newcomers is simple: Try different things, don’t be too fixed, and stay open to change.

Niklas: From high expectations to high satisfaction Niklas has a master’s degree in computer science and started his journey at Solita in September 2023. Despite considering other top companies, Niklas was most drawn to our unique work culture and atmosphere.

“The way of working and the atmosphere stood out to me. You care about employees without putting too much pressure on them. Trust is given, and it’s up to employees to use it,” Niklas shares. 

Unlike other companies where the first job might feel like a test, Solita offered him a long-term vision, which was very important to him. Niklas valued the friendly and collaborative environment, the flat hierarchy, and the recognition is given when employees go the extra mile. Solita’s approach to hiring based on potential and supporting growth resonated deeply with him. 

“You perform for yourself, your colleagues, and the company. There’s pride in representing Solita’s name,” he says.

The Connectivity Academy gave Niklas a broad range of knowledge, from network protocols to consultancy skills, making him well-rounded in many areas. He also appreciated Solita’s mobility package and the focus on quality of life. For newcomers, Niklas emphasises the benefit of starting with a group of peers, much like a school year, which helps build a sense of community. 

“Employees stay longer at Solita, so you can really connect,” he adds.

A place to grow and succeed

We believe that success is built on building trust and a shared vision for career development. Our Connectivity Academy shows our commitment to helping people grow and offering a platform for career advancement. Through hands-on client work, extensive training, and the freedom to explore new projects, we make sure every employee’s journey is rewarding and unique.

Jens and Niklas’s experiences show how Solita provides a supportive and enriching environment. It’s a place where employees have the tools and opportunities to grow, learn, and build meaningful careers. Whether through client work, training, or side projects, Solita ensures that each person’s journey is fulfilling. 

If you’re looking to start or advance your career in a company that values trust, growth, and collaboration, our Connectivity Academy might be the perfect place for you. Join us and start a journey where your potential is recognised, and your growth is a shared success.

More information on the Connectivity Academy.

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