Embracing well-being: Solita Belgium’s human-centric health partnership with Alan

Liese Hennus Director, People and Culture, Belgium and Germany, Solita

Published 09 Feb 2024

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Beginning of 2024, Solita Belgium started a new chapter in healthcare partnerships by teaming up with Alan, a health insurance provider that tries to reshape the offering on the market.

Alan isn’t just hospitalisation insurance as we have known it before; it believes in preventive healthcare, making a straightforward case that investing in your health today can save you from significant medical expenses down the road and help you to live a positive, happy life.

Our journey with Alan began when we realised that our current hospitalisation insurance, though practical, wasn’t quite hitting the mark for our younger workforce. It was time for a change. We dove into the Belgian insurance landscape, exploring potential partners with distinct characteristics. To get a sense of what mattered most to our team, we decided to open up a dialogue.

Our employees spoke about the need for flexibility — being able to include family members and or get additional services. They also emphasised the importance of tax optimisation, valuing the option to integrate services through our flex income plan. Finally, it was also clear that our team preferred interacting with the insurance provider through a user-friendly app rather than navigating traditional call centres.

Choosing Alan felt like a natural fit for us as employer. They not only met the practical needs outlined by our team but also resonated with our values, placing a strong emphasis on preventive healthcare and overall well-being — a philosophy that aligns seamlessly with our caring values. And an easy-to-use self-service.

With Alan on board, our employees gained access to a suite of benefits through a straightforward app interface. Whether it’s asking questions, virtually consulting with healthcare professionals, or taking advantage of sessions with psychologists, our team now has the flexibility they need. Six teleconsultations with a doctor per year, three sessions with a psychologist, and a well-being platform featuring breathing and relaxation exercises have become easily accessible. No more time wasted in waiting rooms — Alan’s network of doctors can even prescribe medication or issue sick notes without the need for physical visits. All of this is on top of the classic hospitalisation insurance coverage that our employees are used to.

Alan seamlessly integrates with our cafeteria plan, allowing our team to use their 13th-month budget wisely. Whether extending coverage to family members or opting for additional services, it’s all done in a way that’s tax-optimised.

Undoubtedly, Alan’s approach to health insurance has brought a genuine sense of contentment to our employees. This partnership reinforces our commitment to a workplace where well-being isn’t just a buzzword but a reality we actively foster. Together with Alan, we’re building a healthier and happier work environment for everyone.

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