How we experience Solita’s culture in Belgium

Liese Hennus Director, People and Culture, Belgium and Germany, Solita

Published 08 Nov 2023

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Many candidates in Belgium often ask, “What’s it like to work at Solita? What’s the culture like in the Nordics from a Belgian point of view?” While the American, French, or Belgian corporate cultures are well-known, the Nordic approach to work remains somewhat of a mystery. While you can certainly explore our website and read about our core values—Caring, Easy-going, Courageous, and Passionate—there’s nothing quite like experiencing the day-to-day life at our Belgian office.

Caring: Where the office feels like home

Caring at Solita goes beyond just words; it’s an experience. As soon as you walk into our Belgian office, you’re greeted with a cosy ambience. The workspace is designed with various areas to work, whether you prefer solitary focus or collaborative endeavours. And, let’s not forget the essential component: good coffee! Our office features some delightful office pets, a Playstation, and even a sunny terrace where our employees can work in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

But the essence of caring extends much further than these physical elements. At Solita, a dedicated competence community lead oversees the expertise of our consultants, ensuring they have the support needed to excel in their roles. But also have people leads whose primary focus is the well-being and overall happiness of our team members. These leads create an atmosphere where employees feel good at work and have the opportunity to share their concerns outside of work. To excel in this role, people leads undergo extensive training and are supported with coaching services, psychologists, and regular surveys conducted every three weeks to measure employee engagement. Conversations with our employees, customers, and candidates are all rooted in this caring ethos.

Easy-going: Come as you are

At Solita, we often say, “Come as you are.” This value is reflected consistently in all our offices across countries. We’re not swayed by fancy job titles, dress codes, or ego-boosting behaviour. Our easy-going culture creates a positive environment where our employees can grow without the constant pressure of stress.

I vividly recall the essence of this value on my second day at Solita. Even though I had to work from home due to the pandemic, before the screen came to life, I could hear laughter in the background. People were making jokes, taking the time to check in with one another, creating an energy that instantly uplifted my spirits.

Courageous: A fearless approach to feedback

Courage is one of the cornerstones of our culture. We encourage open dialogue both internally and with our customers. As stated above, we conduct regular employee surveys, where we ask for feedback on a range of topics, from well-being and strategy to advancement and more. Employees have the freedom to share their feedback anonymously, but the interesting discussions often stem from the moment a people lead reaches out to discuss these insights. We’re not afraid of discussions, which is evident in our Slack culture, where employees frequently share feedback and exchange their opinions.

Our courage also extends to our customer relationships. If we believe a project isn’t ethical or that a particular leadership style is undermining a consultant’s well-being, we will speak up. Our employees know this, and it builds trust and loyalty within those relationships. We encourage open discussions, and we don’t let egos get in the way.

An excellent example of our courage at Solita is when employees voice their concerns about a task, project, or career move that isn’t what they expected. We don’t prioritise certain roles over others, and we appreciate employees who address these issues.

Passionate: A community of enthusiasts

Solita is a company of communities. Our employees are bound by their teams, expertise, hobbies, languages, culinary tastes, and more. It’s passion that connects these employees. Our communities are overflowing with passion, and our team members aren’t shy about sharing it. We organise information sessions, host book clubs, help runners prepare for upcoming competitions, and encourage our experts to serve as mentors for newcomers.

One recent example of the passion exhibited by our Belgian employees is the October Challenge we organised. Throughout the month of October, employees had the opportunity to register their sporting activities and raise money for a good cause. In just 24 hours, an astounding 61% of our employees had signed up. Now that’s truly amazing.

So, when you ask, “What is it like to work at Solita in Belgium?” It’s about caring, an easy-going atmosphere, courage, and an abundance of passion that defines our unique culture in Belgium, and it’s an experience you won’t want to miss.

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