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Software AG

Allowing everything and everyone to work together in a truly connected world

We’ve been a Software AG partner for two decades and are a premier partner in the Nordics & Benelux

Software AG has set out to be the software pioneer of a truly connected world

Software AG’s mission is to empower its customers to become truly connected enterprises. To make better daily decisions, accelerate innovation by breaking through all silos and continuously delight their customers with highly personalised experiences. By combining agility with ingenuity, Software AG has created a great suite of products — in API management, integration & microservices, the Internet of Things & analytics, and business transformation — that make truly connected enterprises come to life.

Since 1969, Software AG has transformed more than 10,000 businesses. Their solutions can either work side by side with existing IT infrastructure — or replace it. They help any enterprise by integrating and connecting everything and everyone, ensuring they can instantly see, decide, act and thrive.

Integration & APIs

A business cannot transform digitally without integrating systems, applications, clouds and data. Integration is the solution that makes an organisation connected, agile and scalable. Integration is enhanced by open APIs that connect businesses to the world. Microservices provide the agility to deliver a superior connected customer experience and accelerate business services development and delivery. Software AG is the partner that makes customers’ integration priorities possible: to integrate everything, constantly innovate, and grow their ecosystems.

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Business transformation

In a world of constant disruptions, the pressure for transformation is higher than ever before. The need to rethink business strategy touches all corners of a business: value proposition, product portfolio, customer channels, partner ecosystem and revenue streams. Software AG is the partner that can enable operational excellence, turn vision into measurable results, and establish complete control of an organisation’s business processes.

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IoT & analytics

For an enterprise to thrive, it must overcome three challenges. Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT platform helps with all.

  • Increase operational efficiencies by collecting data and turning it into insights and action
  • Develop improved customer experiences to grow value, footprint and loyalty
  • Become more innovative and competitive by adopting new business models, like “products-as-a-service”

Software AG’s IoT platform helps with all three challenges.

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