Project management

Project management in a passionate community

Project management in a passionate community

Are you a project manager who is willing to learn more and grow in a diverse community? Are you interested in to work in a specific field of data, software development, cloud or design? Keep reading and learn more what we have for you!

Your role is wide

Our project manager role might not be that typical. Project managers work also on many “ongoing things” – not just projects with a beginning and an end. The role is wide and is a combination of client, team, service, and project management. Depending for example on the unit, customer, and your experience, the role can include variable tasks, from managing services, customers projects, and the team.

We embrace different backgrounds

We don’t expect people to have a homogeneous background to succeed in project management roles. You can come as you are.

People come first for us

We are supporting work-life balance. You don’t have to sell your soul to be ambitious and passionate about your work. Our project managers are people-centric leaders to our customers and teams.

You have autonomy

Our project managers appreciate autonomy and we enable people to be self-directive. Our project managers have the possibility to affect their work. We are looking for people who are proactive and who take ownership of their work.

We have different types of projects

We have long-term and meaningful customer projects from both the private and public sectors, and our project managers can concentrate on only a few projects at the same time. Our tech professionals are passionate about the quality which helps our project managers to succeed in their work.

You have room to grow

Continuous learning is in our DNA. When you arrive at Solita, you don’t have to be ready. In our opinion, you never have to be. Together we find the best way for you to learn – for example, we have in-house learning paths, info sessions, mentor programs, and continuous possibilities to learn from each other. Read more about Solita Growth Academy.

Caring community

Our values (caring, easy-going, passionate, and courageous) are truly part of our everyday life. We have a strong community where people are eager to help you. We also encourage you to try new things, and you don’t have to be afraid to make mistakes.

Typical Solitan Project Manager

  • Is used to deal with challenging conversations
  • Has experience in managing IT projects
  • Has experience on the service provider side
  • Is passionate, proactive, approachable, courageous, inclusive