Solita working to advance democratic transparency in Denmark

Published 15 Nov 2023

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Solita has been chosen as the technology partner for the ‘Høringsportal’, a vital regional digital platform allowing the public to access and express their opinions on draft laws and regulations currently under making. Increasing the transparency and openness of Danish democracy, the portal is used in all five Danish regions as well as the Danish Road Directorate. 

“It is with great enthusiasm that we can announce that we have taken responsibility for a crucial component of the interregional infrastructure. We look forward to a close and agile collaboration on maintenance, further development, and support of the regional ‘Høringsportal’, which is the digital entry for legislative proposals, draft executive orders as well as public consultation responses”, says Lise Bach Vestergaard, Senior Vice President of Sales at Solita A/S. Public consultations are a form of public participation where the government invites citizens to provide feedback and express opinions on a specific law or policy.

“We are pleased to have found a skilled team with solid transition experience to take care of our system in the coming years – we look forward to the collaboration and the good experience and the ideas they bring,” commented Hans Christian Ries, Special Consultant in Regional Development, Climate and Resources for the Region of Southern Denmark.

Central digital platform for strengthening democratic dialogue and transparency in all local regions

The ‘Høringsportal’, a digital platform used by all regions as well as the Danish Road Directorate, plays a key role in enabling transparent, lengthy and comprehensive consultation processes with the public. The consultation portal facilitates dialogue between citizens, businesses, NGOs, authorities and stakeholder organisations by providing a platform for comments and suggestions on the materials in consultation.

Solita’s delivery role covers both general support for the service as well as further development of the service, including both the joint development serving all regions as well as assistance and support for the local installations in the regions and their diverse operating environments.

The innovative design of the service helps advocate effective and interactive public consultation processes

The service is designed to meet consultation needs across different areas, allowing efficient processing and assessment of consultation responses.

Solita has now formally taken over the responsibility for the service and approved the takeover trial and will continue advocating the effective and interactive public consultation process for the South Region of Denmark and all users of the service.

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Lise Bach Vestergaard, Senior Vice President of Sales at Solita A/S, [email protected]

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