Solita enters Norway – hei Oslo!

Published 25 Oct 2023

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The Nordic technology, data, and design company Solita continues its growth journey in Northern Europe to Norway, where it sees potential in making Norwegian businesses more data-driven. The fast-growing company is now opening an office in Oslo. Solita does not rule out acquisitions in Norway.

“Solita is not a traditional IT company, but was born and raised with data processing, systematisation, and advanced analysis on modern technology. With an increasing number of international companies and several well-known companies such as Laerdal Medical, and Strawberry on the customer list, we see exciting potential in combining artificial intelligence with robust use of advanced analytics in the Norwegian market,” says Espen Jacobsen, the newly appointed managing director of Solita Norway.

Solita has 1,800 employees in offices across the Nordic countries, Germany, Belgium, and Estonia, and had a turnover of 201 million euros in 2022. The company has grown profitably for over 25 years.

Norway is digitized but not data-driven

Several indices measuring digital maturity show that Norway is still among the leading countries in digitalisation. “Digital business and data-driven business are not the same,” points out Jacobsen. “Although Norway has high digital maturity, we still have a long way to go to become data-driven, and Norway needs to catch up to the other Nordic countries in developing, utilising, and professionalising the value of data and data-driven business.”

According to Jacobsen, the Norwegian market is flooded with AI proof-of-concepts and tests based on relatively thin data. Digitalisation and the use of IT systems that create and store data in a secure way are in many ways a prerequisite for data-driven business. The groundwork needs to be in place to leverage the company’s data and the data of others.

Data-driven business needs to be higher on the agenda. Building reliable, secure, and accessible data platforms will be a prerequisite for efficiency, sales, data sharing, new digital services, and optimization across the entire value chain the company is part of or as a basis for new services or business models. This is a market where Solita is growing internationally by double digits and where we see exciting potential in Norway.

Espen Jacobsen Managing Director, Norway, Solita

Not ruling out acquisitions in Norway

“Strengthening our local presence in Norway is a natural and exciting step for us, as we already work with several leading Norwegian companies. We are delighted to have Espen Jacobsen on board to lead our efforts in Norway. Solita continues to grow according to our strategy in the Nordics and we do not rule out acquisitions in Norway either,” says Ossi Lindroos, CEO of Solita Group.

Espen Jacobsen has extensive experience in the IT industry and comes from the VP Head of Strategic Sales position at the technology company AFRY.

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Solita AS, Espen Jacobsen, Managing Director, Norway, +47 400 20 318, [email protected]

Solita Group, Ossi Lindroos, CEO, +358 40 750 7637, [email protected]

Solita Group, Minna Pinola, Director of Communications, +358 40 5166 024, [email protected]

Solita is a fast-growing digital transformation company driven by tech, data and human insight. Founded in 1996, we help businesses and societies reinvent themselves with impact that lasts. Our services range from strategic consulting to service design, digital development, data, AI & analytics, and managed cloud services. We are a community of over 1,800 professionals in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Belgium and Germany.

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