Long live Ghent! Solita expands in Belgium

Published 01 Mar 2023

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Technology, data, and design company Solita continues to grow in Belgium. Now a team of 70, Solita Belgium announced to have opened a new location in Ghent, one of the digital hotspots and most vibrant cities in Belgium. Solita employs 1,700 digital transformation experts in six countries, offering possibilities to work in projects with some of the most forward-looking companies in Europe.

Located already in Leuven in Belgium, Solita combines expertise from strategic consulting to service design, software development, analytics and data science, cloud and integration services. The brand new Ghent office is located close to the railway station and the city center. Known for its relaxed company culture, the Solita employees work both at the office and remotely, on both domestic and international projects.

“We are super excited to open in Ghent, known for its trailblazing tech scene, lively university community, and overall charm. Also the vibrant biking culture of the city has won the hearts of our cycling-loving community. Currently we are actively looking especially for talented data engineers and integration specialists to join our crew”, said Liese Hennus, Director of People and Culture at Solita Belgium.

Culture of caring meets passion for technology

Solita combines a high-level autonomy with a culture of caring. According to research, the company is one of the most appreciated technology employers in Europe. With its exceptionally high employee satisfaction of 8.7 eNPS, Solita positions in the top 5 percent of IT consulting firms in Europe.

“Our values describe well what it means to be part of Solita’s community: to be caring, easy-going, courageous, and passionate. Our people are very enthusiastic both about our customers and about using technology for creating a positive impact in the world, but also for their colleagues’ well-being and success. Having a close-knit local community backed up by our international team, we are big enough to dare, but small enough to care”, commented Joris Haelterman, Country Director for Solita Belgium.

Solita’s technology partners include, for example, Microsoft, Google and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Solita has been chosen as the Microsoft Azure Partner of the Year in data, analytics and artificial intelligence solutions for two times in a row in 2021 and 2022. Solita is one of the forerunners in modern data and cloud management, and its customers include companies such as Aperam, Association of Issuing bodies (AIB), EVBox, Argenta, Riziv,, Colruyt Group, Proximus, Kone, and UPM.

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