Commentor – a Solita company has been allowed to continue working with the university colleges once again

Published 17 Mar 2023

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“I am so pleased and proud that we have won the contract for maintenance, support, Azure operation and further development of the internship portal for the university colleges in a fierce and competitive market. 

It shows that the customer is happy with the existing collaboration, which is the greatest vote of confidence we can receive. The contract is now in place, potentially for the next 8 years. We look forward to continue the close collaboration with key stakeholders and to further develop and future-proof the internship portal together. The portal is a crucial platform in everyday life for many students, employees at internship sites, and supervisors at the university colleges,” comments Lise Bach Vestergaard, Sales Director at Commentor when asked about the new extended contract with the university colleges.

About the collaboration

Over the past four years, Commentor’s team has obtained knowledge in close collaboration with the university colleges on the solution to ensure that the domain is kept as the customer wants it and that the solution meets the various requirements, further development wishes and needs. Charlotte Egholm, Programme Manager for the Programme Unit for study administration solutions at the university colleges, says:

“We are pleased with our collaboration with Commentor. The team behind the internship portal has got to know us well, they have been good at understanding the challenges of the internship portal, and we listen to their recommendations. It benefits us greatly that they work proactively and are often able to foresee problems before they arise.”

All six university colleges have implemented the internship portal and the contract covers the overall use for managing all internship programmes at the university colleges. This digitalised process has meant: simplification, standardisation, streamlining and clearer communication between all parties.  

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