Room to Grow.

When you arrive at Solita, you don’t have to be ready. In our opinion, you never have to be. This is how we learn and grow.


Most of our learning happens during our daily customer work.

That’s why we obsess over making the best possible matches between our projects and our experts: just the right amount of challenge makes work interesting.

How we support learning in customer work:

  1. Focus on pair/teamwork instead of working alone

  2. Flexible job rotation: new tasks, new role, new project, new customer

  3. Trying out new tasks and approaches in current role

  4. Facilitate places (retros, dailys etc.) to give and receive feedback, learn and reflect

  5. Mentoring

Solita Growth Academy

Solita Growth Academy gives an extra boost for your learning and professional growth.

At Solita we see people’s learning and development as an investment for the company. Therefore we don’t only allow but strongly encourage people to use work time for learning.

To support your development we have Solita Growth Academy, which enables you grow holistically as a professional. We have developed training and coaching e.g. on self-leadership, working with others and consultation skills.

Growth Academy Modules

Modules are courses which typically take from a couple of hours to a couple of days. You can see below some examples.

  • Business design
  • Self-leadership
  • Better thinker
  • Software craftmanship
  • Negotiation skills
  • Introduction to consultative approach
  • Cloud certifications

Growth Academy Learning Paths

Learning path is a combination of learning modules, and it usually takes from a couple of months to one year to accomplish.

  • Front-end competency learning path
  • Connectivity Consultant Architect path
  • Data Architect learning path
  • Growing as a specialist learning path

Growth academy experiences

Mentoring strengthened my non-technical skills

“Normally it is quite easy to find help in technical matters. But for problems related to non-technical skills, such as time management, challenging client situations and professional identity, you are more likely to be alone since you don’t have the courage to ask for support.

Mentoring strengthened my non-technical skills and also allowed me to connect with an experienced professional, whom I can now easily reach out to directly if any questions arise.”

Growth Academy Mentoring program


Reetta Metso

Data Engineer

Learning path enabled sharing of thoughts and learnings

“I started at Solita as a Business Analytics Consultant four years ago, and then have grown into a Delivery Lead / Data Architect role mainly by working in challenging projects, learning from more experienced colleagues, browsing the internet, and by trial and error.

The Data Architect learning path has guided my learning in a more structured way and provided a platform for sharing thoughts and learnings with other people who have similar career aspirations. The training has given me a lot of confidence for everyday work.”

Data Architect learning path


Juho Heino

Data Consultant

I now know what is the Solita way of working in projects

“I’ve participated in numerous training courses that try to frame project based work. My conclusion: there has been as many approaches to define and manage projects as courses I have been to. In the Solita Way of Working in Projects training, I familiarised myself with digitalisation type of projects through theory and use cases.

This training gives a great start especially for all new Solitans, as it allows us to understand what is important for us and how we care about our customers.”

Solita Way of Working in Projects training


Adolfo González Vallejo

Data Engineer

I now understand what is consultation in Solita's context

“I’m a fairly new Solitan, with a background in service product sales, and selling customised consultation services is a relatively new area for me.

This training gave me valuable insights into the customer work and consultation at Solita, and allowed me to understand what I need to know about consultation especially in Solita’s context, and also in different positions (for example as a technical consultant or project manager).”

Introduction to Consultative Approach at Solita training


Sofia Lauri

Sales Specialist

Solita Growth Academy Board

Solita Growth Academy works with leading researchers who are specialized in learning, psychology, brain science and future of work. Together we have established a Growth Academy Board who thinks together, takes a stand, innovates and utilizes networks for Solita Growth Academy as a whole.

  • Hertta Vuorenmaa

    Research Program Director of Aalto University of Work Program

  • Risto Sarvas

    Professor of Practice, Director of Information Networks B.Sc. & M.Sc. Program at Aalto University

  • Mona Moisala

    Doctor of Psychology, Brain Health Expert at Heltti

  • Markku Wilenius

    Dean at Dubai Future Academy, Professor of futures studies in University of Turku, Unesco Chair of learning for transformation and planetary futures