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For Savings Bank, Solita CloudBlox brings major benefits

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When the company providing core banking services was acquired by a multinational operator, Savings Bank decided it was time to start building an independent data infrastructure. They adopted a “cloud first” strategy: as much as possible should be built on the public cloud. As a managed cloud service, Solita CloudBlox allowed them to get up and running quickly.

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Benefits of the Solita CloudBlox for Savings Bank

  • Quick start the managed cloud – build up easily at own pace
  • Improves data capabilities
  • Utilises information more efficiently
  • All the application development projects are manageable and controllable
  • Ultra transparent billing – proactive cost optimisation
  • Proactive consulting

To lay down a solid foundation for the cloud journey, Solita and Savings Bank started working on cloud governance. What does it mean to “go to the cloud” in practice? What policies, controls and procedures need to be set? How should development be guided and supported?

Banking is, quite understandably, a heavily regulated environment, and Savings Bank had recognised an urgent need to improve their data capabilities and utilise information more efficiently. Therefore, while still consulting on cloud governance, Solita started to implement elements of the Solita CloudBlox services and related controls one by one.

A first version of the managed cloud was in place within a month for two chosen cloud platforms, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, with basic capabilities, controls, checkpoints, and tools. After three months, both cloud platforms were in a production-ready version with service management processes in place.

Thanks to Solita CloudBlox, all the application development projects Savings Bank has with multiple vendors were made manageable and controllable with smart services from day one – no more hassle a week before going into production.

Savings Bank gets thoroughly granular reports on every hour worked, every euro spent and every cloud component implemented – literally, an eye-opener for the bank.

Ultra-transparent billing

As for billing and reporting, the contrast between the transparency of Solita CloudBlox and the traditional data center world could not be greater. For the first time ever, Savings Bank gets thoroughly granular reports on every hour worked, every euro spent and every cloud component implemented – literally, an eye-opener for the bank.

Proactive consulting

In the midst of a core banking system overhaul, the Solita team has also impressed with their technical expertise and proactive attitude: proposing improvements, explaining what to do and what not to do when and why, and looking after Saving Bank’s interests in a multi-vendor environment.

Saving Bank’s cloud journey is still in progress, and thanks to Solita CloudBlox, now has a solid foundation to build on.

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