Solita Academy

Are you in the early stages of your career? Or changing your career course? Our Academy could be the right step for you.

Kickstart your career at the Solita Academy

Do you want to have a career in software development, analytics, cloud services, business development or service design?

At Solita’s Academy, you have the opportunity to grow and develop in the area you find interesting. The Academy acts as a jump start for your career and an induction to Solita’s culture as a workplace.

This time the Academy will be in English. For the Academy, we look for open-minded people who have: the drive to learn, embrace new skills, and have a combined interest for software development, analytics, business and service design. You can already have a few years under your belt in your career or you can be preparing for your first job in your field.

The Academy will guide you in becoming a broad-minded multi-disciplinary expert and prepare you to work in the industry at Solita. We expect some knowledge and know-how in the area you are interested in. For example, if you are interested in software development and analytics, you should already know how to program to some degree.

During the Academy you will be introduced to both fellow Solitans and our different locations in Finland. We will cover the costs of the travel between our office locations (Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu, Turku and Lahti) during the Academy. If you come from another city, we expect you to be able to travel during the Academy and afterwards.

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The Academy gives you instant access to the versatile creative work we do at Solita and helps you to catch on to our ways of working.

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Why should you apply to the Academy?

We look for new Solitans with diverse skills, nationalities and personalities to join our community through the Academy. We created the Academy because we believe in investing in people, especially in the early stages of their careers. We want to help our industry and make sure they receive a proper and comprehensive orientation.

The Academy gives you instant access to the versatile creative work we do at Solita and helps you to catch on to our ways of working. Your employment, and salary, starts right from the beginning of the Academy. The first 6-8 weeks is reserved for onboarding, which consists of different modules 2-3 days a week in the form of lectures and workshops, as well as other joint activities. On other days you will get to know your upcoming project and start working in your new team to make the transition from onboarding to “real work” as easy as possible. At the end of the Academy, you are enabled to continue working full time in your project team.

We organize the Academy in both Autumn and Spring. The Autumn Academy opens for applications in August – September and the Spring’s Call for Applications opens in January-February. The roles and focus areas of the Academy are refined according to the needs we have at Solita at that moment. If you are unable to find a role that you are looking for in the Academy, you can always approach us with an open application at

The most important thing is your enthusiastic attitude, as well as your desire to continuously and openly learn new things.

A mentor to guide your way

We don’t expect you to be a professional yet. The most important thing is your enthusiastic attitude, as well as your desire to continuously and openly learn new things. You will be guided by a mentor on hands-on work, as well as the ins and outs of the industry.

We hope that you won’t be taken aback by our autonomous and self-driven work culture and stepping out of your comfort zone. We will be over the moon if you boldly share your views, grasp opportunities swiftly and sail open-mindedly from project to project; even if it might mean jumping into unknown territory.

Regardless of if you join the Academy or not, we invest in onboarding our new employees thoroughly. We start by introducing you to Solita: our history, who we are, our culture and how we work. Then you will have the opportunity to do a practice assignment, after which you will be introduced to your upcoming project and jump onboard the customer project. In the customer project (s) you will have the opportunity to grow your competence and take a larger role; before you know you it you will be making an impact with us by creating solutions that enable better lives for everyone.

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At Solita, diversity of all kinds is our strength. We believe everybody should feel comfortable to be themselves with all their perfections. We care about each other, people and society as a whole. We focus on changing the world, not people.