Unlocking the perks: Embracing a world of benefits at Solita Belgium

Liese Hennus Director, People and Culture, Belgium and Germany, Solita

Published 09 Oct 2023

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At Solita Belgium, we’re on a mission to prove that a modern salary policy isn’t just a dream but a reality for every company. We’re not just about business; we’re about building a community, and that community comes with some pretty sweet perks!

Cruising in style: Electrified company cars

Picture this: zipping through the Belgian landscape in one of our sleek, electrified company cars. We offer three levels of company cars, each with a badge that opens doors to public charging stations. And if you have the infrastructure at home, we’ll even set up a charging station right in your own home. Newbie Solitans start with a run-up company car and can upgrade whenever they please. Our ride game is on point because we stay ahead of the curve, reviewing the market every six months. Oh, and by the way, we don’t do the whole leasing company thing. We like to keep it in the family.

Freedom to roam: Mobility budget

Don’t fancy a company car or looking to downsize? No worries, we’ve got the mobility budget option. Swap your car for a monthly budget that’s as flexible as you are. Spend it on smart public transport solutions, put it toward your rent or mortgage (homeworking FTW!), or cash out the remaining amount at the end of the year. Nearly 30% of our Solitans are already cruising on the mobility budget express.

Money in your pocket: Net allowance

We’ve got your back when it comes to work-from-home costs. Our net allowance covers everything from home office setup to small office supplies, cleaning, utilities, and even those little pick-me-up snacks during your workday. Plus, it takes care of all the expenses when you’re out representing Solita to the world. Talk about hassle-free!

Time for lunch: Meal vouchers

Our team enjoys a daily culinary adventure with meal vouchers worth EUR 8 per day worked. You pitch in a mere EUR 1.09 per voucher, and we cover the rest. These vouchers arrive conveniently via a Sodexo card, ensuring you never miss a tasty bite.

Stay connected: Mobile phone + subscription

We believe in staying connected, so every three years, you get a budget to snag a brand-new mobile phone, complete with a monthly subscription from Orange. We’re all about making sure you’ve got enough data to work flexibly, so expect a hefty data package to keep you on the go.

Tech savvy: Laptop

Mac or Windows, the choice is yours! We provide top-notch laptops to keep you tech-savvy and productive.

Health matters: Insurance package

We’ve got your well-being covered with hospitalisation insurance from Alan. Private room? Check. Basic needs? Check. But that’s not all! Alan also offers a lifeline with medical chat, health coaching, and psychological support. And if you’re thinking about the future, our group insurance is here to help you save for retirement, month by month.

Coaching for all seasons

Life has its ups and downs, and we’re here to support you through it all. Whether you’re seeking resilience, work-life balance, or relief from stress-related challenges, our well-being coaching has your back. If you’re aiming for the stars in your career, our external coaching service is ready to help you soar.

Your pay, your way: Cafeteria plan

We want you to have your cake and eat it too, which is why we’ve introduced the cafeteria plan. Customise your end-of-year payout to include perks like bike leasing, individual pension insurance, extra hospitalisation coverage, IT gear, office furniture, and more. Your financial playground, your rules!

Eco-friendly bonanza: Eco vouchers

Each June, we celebrate the environment with eco vouchers, our way of giving back to Mother Nature.

Home sweet office: Homeworking bliss

We believe in the freedom to work your way. There are no office rules on how often you should drop by, but when you do, expect a world of comfort and fun. Think ergonomic desks, desk bikes, exercise balls, espresso machines, collaboration rooms, and even a PlayStation 5 for those quick breaks. And don’t forget our massive office terrace—your new happy place.

At Solita Belgium, we’re not just offering benefits; we’re shaping a lifestyle that’s as dynamic and unique as you are. Join us on this incredible journey, and let’s unlock the world of possibilities together!

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