Unlocking staffing: How Solita is matching ambitions to opportunities via staffing

Pekka Toppila Operations Lead, Solita

Published 27 Nov 2023

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At Solita, we take pride in our commitment to humane staffing. By ensuring that our employees are not just placed in different roles, but are heard and planned into fitting projects and roles that align with skills and aspirations. Our approach to staffing goes beyond utilisation and any-project-will-do; it’s a strategic function aimed at providing individuals (and projects) the right opportunities and expertise. Here’s a glimpse into how we’ve achieved success in staffing our profiles into cases that resonate with their abilities and desires.

Understanding Individual skills and aspirations

The cornerstone of our staffing lies in knowing and hearing our employees. We take the time to get to know (tech) skills, experiences, and career goals. This involves personal discussions, skill assessments, and an understanding of professional journeys. By doing this we ensure expectations and reality are matched, assuring our people the best possible conditions for success in customer assignments.

Tailored staffing plans

Once we’ve gained insights into an employee’s strengths and aspirations, we craft staffing plans. These plans are not one-size-fits-all; rather, they are customised to ensure a smooth transition into roles/positions. Timing and negotiations with our customers are also of the essence. Whether it’s technical training, mentorship programs, or specialised skill development, plans are designed to empower our employees and focus on upskilling according to market needs and open opportunities.

The staffing process for my current project went really smoothly. I was suggested to join a project that was a very good fit for me from the perspectives of technology, industry, and role. Prior to joining, I discussed with both people from Solita and the customer’s representative working on the project to get a grasp on whether the project was a “match” for me and vice versa. Now after 16 months in the project, I can tell you it’s been an excellent match. Esa Toikka, Data Engineer

Collaboration and team integration

Beyond individual skills, we understand the importance of teamwork. Our onboarding process emphasises collaboration and integration within teams. We facilitate introductions, encourage knowledge sharing, and foster an environment where new hires feel supported and valued. And not only for new hires: every new opportunity to be tackled also holds a planned induction period. Continuity is key.

When joining Solita I expected to be staffed in a customer case where I’d need to delve immediately into technology. However, the role planned for me is more than that – I am now also focusing on developing our roles, processes, and ways of working together with the team of developers and the customer. Working within an interesting new industry makes it more of a growth path for my personal development as well, and the technologies used are in line with my past experiences, so I may provide useful insights for the technology side as well. I would not have thought a better fit for my first customer case as a Solitan. On top of everything, all our team members are a friendly group of professionals and have welcomed me warmly as part of the team! Miima Kuusela, Data Architect

Continuous feedback and adaptation

We believe in the power of continuous improvement. Staffing isn’t anything static; we need to be able to dynamically respond to needs, whether it would be a new case won, an RFP, or a project rotation. People move, projects move. We need to dance along. Spotting signals and being there to listen to what’s needed, making sure different perspectives are heard – our ways to build trust internally and find the best-suiting plans. Hearing the input from our consultants, project and account leads, and especially from the customer’s side, helps to refine our staffing plans. Being able to adapt quickly and providing as-smooth-as-possible staffing experience to all parties is the aim.

At Solita, staffing is not only a process; it’s an investment in our employees’ and projects’ support. With a humane touch. And it all relies on will: we want to sustain a culture where employees are heard and have the means and opportunities to thrive.

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