Solita Project Lead Manifesto part 3: We empower people rather than manage details

Tuuli Puurtinen Delivery Lead & People Lead, Solita

Published 25 Aug 2023

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At Solita, we believe in the power of empowering individuals. We believe that when individuals have power and ownership they achieve exceptional results. In our project lead manifesto, we emphasise the value of giving people the freedom and autonomy to shape their work while providing the necessary support and guidance. We encourage our project leads to focus on empowering their team members and creating an environment where individuals can thrive.

Freedom and autonomy: Shaping the best approach

We recognise that each project is unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach does not work. We provide basic guidelines on project delivery and client interactions, but beyond that, we trust our project leads to make informed decisions and shape the best approach for their specific project. This freedom means that project leads have the autonomy to determine the appropriate level of tools and practices, eliminating unnecessary work and streamlining processes. We value individuality in work styles and encourage project leads to find their unique way of delivering results.

Taking responsibility and ownership

With freedom comes responsibility. As project leads, we empower individuals to take ownership of their work and align it with the team’s shared goals. We define clear roles, responsibilities, and goals for each team member to ensure everyone understands their contribution and how it impacts project outcomes. By understanding the context of their work and its significance to the Customer’s business, individuals find a sense of meaningfulness and purpose in their tasks.

Seeking support and collaboration

While autonomy is encouraged, no one is left alone at Solita. We foster a strong culture of collaboration and support, where Project Leads and team members can seek assistance when needed. We have dedicated forums, regular meetings, and an administrative project management team to provide help and support. By leveraging the collective knowledge and experience of the team, we find better solutions to challenges and foster continuous learning and development.

Constructive feedback for growth

Feedback is an essential component of empowering individuals. At Solita, we believe in providing precise and constructive feedback to help individuals grow and improve. We go beyond generic praise and provide feedback that highlights the qualities that contributed to successful delivery. Equally important is identifying areas for improvement in ways of working, communication, and collaboration. Through feedback, we enable continuous improvement and foster a culture of learning and development.

Shared decision-making for better outcomes

We trust the power of diverse perspectives in decision-making. By involving the entire team in the decision-making process, we tap into the collective wisdom and expertise of team members in different positions. This approach allows us to identify benefits and risks from various angles and develop refined and value-adding solutions. It also promotes a better understanding of challenges and opportunities, leading to improved outcomes and Customer satisfaction.

While shared decision-making is the favoured method, it remains crucial for the team to acknowledge the individuals who hold project ownership and possess the authority to make conclusive decisions in cases where a consensus cannot be reached – such as determining the best course of action to progress.

Striking the balance: Leadership vs. managing details

As project leads, we understand the importance of striking the right balance between leading the team in the right direction and managing details. We recognise that too detailed micromanagement stifles creativity and inhibits individual growth. While it is essential to inquire about progress and provide guidance when requested, we avoid dictating how tasks should be performed. We trust our team members to take ownership of their work and find their unique way of achieving results. Clear expectations and goals provide the necessary framework, while autonomy allows rooms for creativity and innovation.

We believe that empowering individuals leads to increased motivation, well-being, innovation, and ultimately, successful business outcomes. By embracing high autonomy, fostering collaboration, providing constructive feedback, and involving the team in decision-making, we create an environment where our project leads and team members can thrive and deliver exceptional results.

This blog post was crafted through a collaborative effort, starting with an interview with Tuuli Puurtinen, a Delivery Lead and People Lead here at Solita. The insightful discussion and Tuuli’s own blog post draft were then utilised in conjunction with ChatGPT, an AI language model, to bring this article to life.

Curious to hear more about how our manifesto manifests itself in actual project work? Stay tuned for the next posts in this series, which will drill deeper into each of the values!

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