Solita is building a data science community in Belgium

Anas Habboub Data Science & AI, Belgium, Solita

Published 23 Jun 2022

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Solita Belgium is growing, and our next quest is to build our data science offering and the community around it. Adding this missing piece to our portfolio will further increase our ability to assist organisations in harnessing the value from their data assets and deliver high-quality end-to-end solutions to real problems.

We both have several years of experience in data science and consulting, and funny enough, we’ve also worked together in the past. We joined Solita in spring 2022 to help build the data science community and offering here in Belgium. We’ve worked with a wide range of industries and seen that organisations need a pragmatic approach to move forward. When all the pieces of the puzzle come together, real opportunities can be addressed, and tangible business outcomes can be achieved using Data Science and AI solutions.

Once we got bitten by the data science bug, we’ve never looked back

We have a lot in common in our work history. We both have a background in data science and consulting, and we’ve worked with industries like banking, health care, retail, the government, and many more. We are consultants by heart, and we love combining business acumen and data know-how to help clients make their next steps in their digitalisation journey.

Anas, for example, has large experience across different data disciplines, starting his consulting career with BI, then moving towards analytics and data intelligence activities. He’s very passionate about the strategic use of advanced analytics and loves to build and grow the value of such business assets. Anas is also excited about developing the competencies and capabilities of consultants that can help us reach our goals. As an experienced mentor, who also completed his teaching degree a while back, it’s important for him to create a safe environment where people are inspired to learn and unlock their potential.

Radia has experience in leading a highly-skilled data science & AI community. She’s driven by the value and impact that good analytics can create; she thinks that Data Science should always answer business questions. For the last few years, Radia has been working on very diverse data projects: from simple analytics giving actionable insights, through enabling dashboards and apps in production, to strategic analytics projects helping C-level leaders in their decision making.

In our new roles at Solita, we will combine all of our previous experience, build bridges between tech and business, and drive initiatives related to people and competencies.

Creating an impact that lasts

Our vision for the data science community in Belgium aligns with Solita’s vision: to create an impact that lasts. Solita has extensive experience in executing analytics, data science and AI projects, with a data science community of over 50 consultants in Finland alone. Leveraging those full capabilities and know-how of the entire group, will help us develop our offering and build our community here in Belgium using methods that are proven to work.

While the work is currently in progress and the community is growing, we look forward to bringing highly effective data science and AI solutions to our customers. Our vision is to become the most effective data partner here in Belgium, creating real impact and value and delivering data solutions that are scalable, robust and future proof.

Building a highly skilled and value-driven community

To reach our goals and vision, we will form a strong foundation based on the right cultural building blocks. For that matter, we have a caring culture where people are encouraged to be authentic and supportive. That, combined with the heavy investment of Solita in learning and development initiatives, will help us create a community of professionals with genuine interests and values that drive creativity and critical thinking.

We’ll be assembling a diverse team of highly and widely skilled people with different backgrounds as we grow. This includes expertise in machine learning, data science, and engineering, together with business design know-how. This includes experts that can face customers, ask the right questions and create structures for collaboration between business and tech.

The Belgian team already has solid expertise in design, software development, integration, and cloud services. And data science & AI is now completing the picture to provide our customers with a portfolio consisting of a complete set of solutions, bringing together data, tech and human insight to truly empower them to become more efficient and build sustainable value.

While the skills and expertise are important, Solita is first and foremost a value-driven company that hires people who share the company’s vision and values. That translates to caring, easy-going, passionate, and courageous people. We are looking forward to building a great success story with a team combining these characteristics, high motivation, and excellent skills.

Ready to join this community of highly skilled experts or curious in knowing more about Solita in Belgium? Have a look at our open positions and keep an eye on our blog as we will be sharing new updates about our community.

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