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People of Solita: Talent Acquisition Specialist Pauline Roy-Malikian

Pauline Roy-Malikian Talent Acquisition Specialist, Belgium, Solita

Published 27 Jan 2023

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Meet our People of Solita. We have over 1500 employees in different locations with different skills and backgrounds – each with a story to share about what they do and what inspires them. This is Pauline, our Talent Acquisition Specialist based in Leuven, Belgium.

Collaboration makes me thrive

Working as a Talent Acquisition Specialist in a value-driven company has been a great experience. My role entails a variety of assignments, and I’m involved with people a lot, which is wonderful as I love collaborating with others. While I’m focused on our Central European operations, we have a great international Talent Acquisition network providing support wherever needed.

In my daily work, I review applications, have meetings with my colleagues, do screening calls with candidates, and have interviews with them. I work closely with People Leads to find the best matches for the job at Solita. It feels rewarding when people accept our offers, and I support new joiners with onboarding when they join.

What makes me thrive in my job is collaboration with other people; luckily, that’s a big part of my job. When I discuss with candidates, I want to create an emotional connection and understand them as human beings. Candidates are always more than resumes to me. We care about people, and that applies to our candidates too.

All in all, I see the Talent Acquisition role as essential in enabling our company’s growth and making an impact together with our customers. I enjoy creating a big family feeling while welcoming more people into the community.

We look for people who match our culture

I knew nothing about tech before I joined Solita a little over a year ago. But I’ve learned a lot. We try to be creative in attracting candidates and standing out. But it’s not always easy since the industry is challenging, and we want the top talent that matches our culture.

While we look for top talent, having excellent skills is not enough. The first interview we do with candidates is about the cultural match.

We want to understand the candidate, their desires, values, and goals. Solita is a value-driven company, and our values, caring, easy-going, passionate, and courage are a reality every day.

This discussion with our candidates is highly valuable in finding the right people in our team.

Who are the right people, then? We look for people who are caring, willing to learn and grow, and collaborative. People here are passionate and accountable, and we need to be able to trust our people. While we encourage colleagues to voice their opinions, everyone needs to be respectful of others.

We don’t wear masks here

I’ve found the culture of Solita supportive also in my role. I’ve always been a person with a tendency to stress out, especially when starting a new job. But I still remember that when I joined Solita, I wasn’t stressed on my first day. I really felt the easy-going atmosphere, welcoming vibe, and helpful people. Support is a big thing; there is no feeling of competition.

When I moved to Belgium, I didn’t know anyone here apart from my boyfriend. But I’ve made many friends here at Solita. This company is full of people you want to hang out with, even outside work.

One important factor for me is the fact that I can show up authentically at work. We don’t wear masks here; everyone is encouraged to be themselves. We are a diverse bunch of people with different interests and backgrounds, but we embrace those differences, sometimes with humour. But we are not laughing at people; we are laughing with people.

We are constantly looking for new colleagues to join our caring community! Take a look at our open positions!

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