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People of Solita: Senior Data Architect Anaïs Renson

Anaïs Renson Senior Data Architect, Solita

Published 29 Sep 2020

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Meet our People of Solita. We have over 1000 employees in different locations with different skills and backgrounds – each with a story to share about what they do and what inspires them. This is Anaïs, our Senior Data Architect, who enjoys family time and hiking.

Helping our clients is the best part of my job

I have been part of the Belgian team for two years as a Senior Data Architect, but I’ve been working in this field for over ten years. What I’ve learned is that data is not just “nice to know” type of information, but it’s a real asset that can lift the company to the next level.

In my role, I’m more on the business side, trying to figure out what is the best tech solution and how we can build it. I’m not a developer; I focus on the functionalities. I do a lot of coordination to make sure that everyone in the team understands what they need to do so that we can meet the goals together. I like coordinating, it’s like being the bridge between different areas of the project, and it allows me to get a good overview of the big picture.

Helping our clients is the best part of my job. It’s rewarding when we can find a solution that meets the business needs. Of course, it’s also nice to see the end product and how it benefits the client. It’s not only about upgrading tech solutions; often, the whole way of working can change.

I love learning from others

We have a really dynamic and committed team here in Belgium. The average age is relatively low, so I’m still getting used to being part of the “oldies”. In my previous job in the corporate world, I was always the youngest one!

My favourite thing about teamwork is that I’m always learning from others. When teammates bring different perspectives, and we share ideas, I can also evolve as a professional and develop myself. Generally, people are very eager to learn and grow in our team, which benefits us all.

I’ve noticed that the growth mindset applies to Solita overall. People get to work with really interesting projects, and it doesn’t require previous experience in the area. You can try new things and direct your learning based on your interests, instead of getting stuck in specific expertise. You are not left alone, since there are always more experienced co-workers guiding you. That is a great way to develop as I believe that the biggest growth happens in the projects – learning by doing.

It inspires me that people are not afraid of challenges

In general, I think that Solitans are really easy-going, highly skilled and motivated people. The hierarchies are low in the company, and it’s easy to reach out to people. What I find inspiring is that people are not afraid of challenges. They tackle obstacles and move forward. There is a real will to make an impact.

To be successful in this culture, I think it’s important to be open to change and have an agile mindset. If the first approach to solve a problem doesn’t work, we’ll find another way to do it. You have to be flexible, not in the sense that you need to work overtime constantly, but rather having the ability to change the direction and be open to new ideas on the go.

Anaïs Renson is a Senior Data Architect who works at Solita’s Belgian Community. The Community joined Solita’s workforce in November 2019 when Solita and Ferrologic formed a North European leader in data-driven digital transformation.

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