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People of Solita: Mats Hedberg

Annina Troberg

Published 23 Oct 2020

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Say hello to our consultant Mats!

Mats has been a consultant since February 2000 and has worked for six years in Asia. He has also worked as a technical trainer at an ERP company and trained customers full-time for several years. He has been working at BI for ten years and at Solita for three as a “digital ninja”. Mats’ focus areas are mainly data visualisation/BI, but also budget/forecasting. Find out more about Mats’ thoughts on:

Working for the client

Over the past six months, I’ve both helped a major banking customer with Tableau, and implemented our first Planacy installation, a budget and forecasting tool, at an existing Solita customer’s site. Planacy complements Tableau really well. The job is fun: I get to work on development, be at the forefront of Planacy, hold training courses and support people at Tableau!

Tableau’s world-leading self-service enables me to support and assist in more than 100 different Tableau projects for our client. At their place, my role is that of a subject-matter expert, helping out when people are stuck. It’s a role that suits me very well. As someone who has a background in teaching, I enjoy developing other people’s skills and sharing my knowledge. Because of COVID-19, I spend a lot of time in telephone and Skype meetings, screen sharing with the customer and solving their problems!

Further development and continuous learning

Something I’ve appreciated about Solita is that they have a strong focus on further development. Last autumn, I took a course in artificial Intelligence and neural networks. The course gave me a fresh start in terms of work and was a kind of proof that you can always learn something new. This knowledge has also come in handy because BI and AI are subjects that are converging all the time.

The culture at Solita

I like the fact that Solita is made up of a healthy mix of people. Having people from different cultures and diverse backgrounds enriches the company. I think we have a good community and I like that we help each other. As a consultant, you need to be curious, humble, and adaptable. I think there are many of us with such a mindset, and that’s probably why we as a company have handled COVID-19 well.

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