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People of Solita: Lisa Kyhlberg, Senior Data Engineer

Lisa Kyhlberg Senior Data Engineer, Solita

Published 05 Dec 2023

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Say hello to our colleague Lisa Kyhlberg! Lisa is not only a new dog owner to her Golden Doodle, Essie, she’s also a new member of the Solita family in Stockholm since the 1st of August. Lisa has extensive experience in the IT industry and is a Senior Data Warehouse professional with experience in both large and mid-sized businesses. She started her career at Stockholm University, where she studied computer science, and she became interested in working with databases and analytics platforms early on. 

Here at Solita, she helps our clients derive value from data. When she’s not working, she spends time with her husband and their children. She enjoys her summer house on Öland where she practices windsurfing and hiking in the beautiful surroundings. We are really happy to have Lisa onboard and we asked her a few questions about…

…why she joined Solita?

Solita is a well-known name in the industry, especially in data warehousing, which is my area of expertise. So when I was approached by a recruiter from Solita, I became interested. I’ve worked for various companies in the past, and most recently, I was with a smaller consulting firm. Transitioning to Solita felt like the right move!

…her thoughts on the onboarding process?

I thought the onboarding process was excellent and in time. We started with a kick-off for all the new hires, 25 people from across the organization. CEO Ossi Lindroos and our Swedish CEO Johan were there. During the digital kick-off, we learned about the company’s values and culture, clients, and work methods. We discussed what it means to be a Solita consultant and what expectations to have. After that, I received a smooth handover from the consultant I was replacing in a project, and I was at the client’s site within a few days. It suited me perfectlly, it was great to get started right away.

…her experience the first few months at her new job?

I feel that Solita is a warm company where people genuinely care about each other. There are interesting assignments, and in my view, the focus is on the right products – the right tools and design patterns. Solita pushes for modelled solutions, which not all consulting firms do in my experience. Solita’s consultants are senior and understand the need for DW modelling. The cloud will not solve every problem, and cloud compute will grow expensive if there is bad design in the DW.

Consultants often hop around, and for me, it’s essential that the company I work for makes a difference. Solita truly does. There’s a strong emphasis on employee well-being, and I’ve gotten the impression that everyone is committed to making sure everyone is happy and content.

…what she’s currently working on?

I’m currently working full-time with a client in the insurance industry. The assignment involves maintaining and developing a Financial Warehouse that contains analytics, annual reporting and compliance reporting. Right now we are building an app to streamline the client’s annual reporting work. I’m enjoying it; it’s a pleasant client.

…her aspirations for the future?

My dream project would be to work with a DW that integrates many different ERP systems, i.e, a project heavy on information integration. It would involve modelling the backend; maybe a data vault, finding model differences, and key definitions, and putting together the puzzle and by that creating a consolidated view for the client. I love squeezing as much value as possible out of data!

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