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People of Solita: Jesper Skoglund, Software Designer Consultant

Jesper Skoglund Software Designer Consultant, Solita

Published 07 Dec 2023

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Say hello to our colleague Jesper Skoglund, Software Designer Consultant at Solita! Just as his accent reveals he originates from Gothenburg, where he studied engineering at Chalmers. Since graduating five years ago, he’s been working with Software Development and Design. Now, he’s approaching one year at Solita, where he characterizes his role as being a ‘Glue Engineer.’

He describes himself as the classical nerd interested in games and fantasy, who enjoys solving problems for a living.

We are really happy to have Jesper onboard and we asked him a few questions about..

…how he became a Software Designer Consultant at Solita and what the role implies?

Originally, I’m a Chalmers engineer. Since graduating, I’ve been working as a developer at Tata Consultancy Services, and thereafter, I was at RaySearch Laboratories, a company working with oncology. When I was looking for my next challenge, flexibility was of great importance to me. I found that at Solita, and that’s one of the main reasons I ended up here.

My role as a Software Designer implies a bit of everything; there is a lot of customer interaction, a significant amount of preliminary investigation work, and some coding. It could be explained as being a ‘glue engineer,’ as it’s called, meaning your job is piecing together projects. as a consultant?

Being a consultant, every day is different. Sometimes I work at the office in Stockholm, sometimes at a client’s location, and sometimes from home. I would say that I generally work 50% at the office and 50% from home, and then I’m at client’s sites as needed. 

Recently, I had a client meeting in Gothenburg and thereby got to visit my hometown, which was nice. So, in that sense, the consultant life is very flexible and diverse! Additionally, you develop in multiple areas. If you work for a company with a specific Tech Stack, you only work with that and become proficient in it. As a consultant, you work on various projects with different clients and get to try different things. For example, I’ve had the chance to work with all the cool, current things like generative AI and Big Data. In the year I’ve been at Solita, I’ve learned a lot about different technologies that I hadn’t worked with before. As a consultant, you need to constantly learn new things, which equals professional development.

..his favourite part and the most challenging part with the job?

Solving problems is the best part of my job. As an engineer by background, I always have a solution-oriented mindset. If a website doesn’t look right; how do we solve that? How do we do it well? Solving such problems is the most enjoyable aspect. The most challenging part is probably the variation. One has to learn things quickly, but that’s also what keeps me developing new skills.

..the Solita culture?

The culture at Solita is nice and positive. If you ask for help, you get help, and there are many good, competent individuals. I mostly work in distributed teams; not everyone is even in the same country. But it works well despite us being in different locations. After the pandemic, everyone is very accustomed to video meetings and such. Additionally, we’ve had many enjoyable after-work events, and we also had a large conference this year!

..a current project, and what he’ll be doing more of in the future?

One project I’m working on is with Smart Energi, a company that, through its solution K2, utilises various energy companies to monitor district heating systems. The aim is to ensure that neither too much nor too little energy is consumed so that all costs are accurate. It’s also to detect other issues, such as leaks in the pipes. I’m also involved in a project with a meat producer here in Sweden, where we are in the process of migrating their website. I could spend two hours explaining exactly what that entails, but we’ll leave it there for now.

In the future, I hope to develop more extensive relationships with clients, a good and long-lasting collaboration on a project that may span a couple of years would be fun!

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