New Tableau features in 2023.3

Aron Saläng Data Consultant, Solita

Published 02 Nov 2023

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Last week we saw the release of Tableau version 2023.3 for Desktop, Cloud and Server. Not a huge release but here’s what’s new.


Dynamic axis ranges

Tableau dynamic axis

Set graphs axis range using parameters. Good feature to use when you want to synchronise axis in multiple graphs. That was quite a pain before if you wanted to have that range be data-driven.

Custom Data Labels

Builds on the Data Label concept that started with certified data sources. Stage two allowed for labels on more data assets such as databases, tables, columns, flows, virtual connections, and virtual connection tables. The labels available have been fixed but now you can define your custom labels.

Except for data source certifications, Data Labels are a part of the Data Management addon.

Tableau data labels

Tableau addon for Google Workspace

With this addon, links to Tableau Cloud visualisations in Google Docs show up as thumbnails with previews and load dates when you hover over them.

Tableau overview

Tableau Embedding Playground

An interactive environment where developers can experiment with the components used for embedding Tableau content within other portals or applications. Play around with the interface and get custom code ready to insert.

This is a focus area at Tableau and the recent additions of the Embedding API 3.0 and Connected Apps have helped modernise and simplifies the process of showing Tableau content in new places.

Tableau embedding playground

Tableau Prep

Fill down and running calcs

More multi-row calculations have been added to the already existing set of functions. The new additions allow you to carry the last value on and do running sums and averages. Tableau Prep keeps maturing and the multi-row features further increase its usefulness.

Tableau calculations

Thanks for reading. For more information on Tableau, click here.

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