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Life at Solita as non-Finnish speakers

Carlos Reyes Muñoz Software Designer, Solita

Published 02 Dec 2022

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Solita is growing and becoming a more international tech company; we currently have 44 nationalities working in six countries, and our goal is to increase cultural diversity as we move forward. Carlos Reyes Muñoz, Jason Ali, and Savidu Dias all work in Finland and have experienced the community being inclusive and welcoming.

We are part of the international team at Solita, all of us located in Finland. Carlos is a Software Developer from Spain, Savidu comes from Sri Lanka and works as a Data Engineer; both are located in Oulu. Jason is from England and works as a Software Developer in Lahti.

We’ve felt that the company is ready for an international workforce. While the majority of Solitans in Finland are Finnish speakers, we’ve felt included in the community from the start. The caring and inclusive culture makes it easy to fit in. People are helpful, considerate, and welcoming.

We haven’t experienced any massive language barriers since all the official communication in the company is in English. Sometimes people chat in Finnish at the office, and occasionally someone posts something in the chat in Finnish, but in most parts, we’ve managed well in English.

Sometimes Finnish customers still prefer to communicate in Finnish, but if that’s the case and we are involved in the project, our team members will brief us and we’ll take things from there. Currently, many projects are still conducted in Finnish but Solita is continuously checking the opportunities to find suitable projects for non-Finnish speakers.

Collaborating with colleagues from different countries

Solita is also growing outside the Finnish borders, and we already have offices in six countries. It’s part of Solita’s strategy to develop its international capacity further. Attracting international talent is the first step forward.

There is a good level of cross-border collaboration within the company, whether it’s about team meetings, events, or customer projects. Solita also supports the international team in their quest to learn Finnish. It’s an option that’s open to people from other locations too. If someone wants to improve their English skills, there is an opportunity for that too. In the classes, we meet colleagues from different offices, which is a great way to build networks.

We also have many informal ways of getting together at Solita. There is a Slack channel for almost everything, including hobbies and interests that people share, like photography, board games, and fantasy football. Those forums to engage with colleagues are a great way to connect, break the ice, and do something fun together.

An inclusive culture where everyone is appreciated

Caring is one of Solita’s core values, and we’ve experienced that it’s not just a word in the wall but feels genuine and shows up in actions and behaviors. Everyone is friendly, and even if you start as a junior, you feel valued and are encouraged to speak up. Little things make you feel appreciated, like a goody bag when you start working here or gifts for your Solita anniversaries.

The sense of community comes from all Solitans, and people make an effort to do things together. It’s not something the company forces to happen; rather, it creates space for it. People like to spend time with each other, which amplifies the casual and easy-going atmosphere.

Being professional doesn’t mean you have to fake or hide behind a role, but you can be your authentic self with all your interests and passions. Our customers also feel this; we have informal and collaborative relationships with open communications and shared trust.

For us, working with diverse people who bring different perspectives to the table has been a rewarding learning experience. Problem-solving and knowledge-sharing are essential in this industry. Getting people together from different countries boosts learning and helps us achieve great results.

Solita is committed to promoting diversity and equality actively. Diversity of all kinds is our strength, be it skills, nationality, beliefs, age, gender, or sexual orientation. It is embedded in our culture and core values. Our gender balance goal is to have 30 % female employees by the end of 2023, and our cultural diversity goal is to increase different nationalities annually by 20 %.

We are constantly looking for new colleagues; if you’d like to join our journey, check out our open positions!

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