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Erwin’s story: A job where I can work with my passion and grow professionally 

Erwin Schleier Junior Data Engineer, Solita

Published 14 Jun 2022

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I joined Solita’s German office as a Junior Data Engineer in March, and I’ve been delighted to be part of the team. We are a small but growing team of 15 people in Germany for the moment, but we have a large international community at Solita behind us. We collaborate on projects across borders and work together with people from all over the company. The team in Germany is also multinational, creating a nice mix of people to work with. 

I have a fully remote work contract, which gives me plenty of flexibility in my work location. Currently, I’m working from home, but sometimes I like to go to the office in Munich and meet up with my colleagues in person. We might have dinner together or go for drinks after work. Because I work remotely, I’m also able to work from abroad if my client project doesn’t require me to be present in a specific location.

Based on my first months at Solita, I’ve found the culture quite amazing. People are supportive and friendly, and I’ve felt welcome from the start, although I work remotely. We have a flat hierarchy where people are trusted and encouraged to make independent decisions. Flat hierarchy also translates into casual and open communications within the company; I can approach anyone regardless of their position in the company.

I also visited the HQ in Helsinki this April. I was thrilled to meet the Finnish colleagues and learn more about the company in its homeland. I got an invite to join a hiking trip in the Finnish Lapland this summer, so another trip may follow.

A workplace that invests in my learning

The company truly invests in people and their professional growth. The onboarding process was a great example of that. In this industry, we need to constantly learn new things, and I’m used to doing that in my free time. However, during my onboarding, I realised that Solita encourages us to do certificates and learn new technologies during work hours. It’s part of the onboarding journey but also part of our job.

My daily life in my new job varies, but I’ve built routines around my days. I like to exercise in the mornings, and we usually have a virtual morning coffee at 9 a.m. with the German team members. It’s a nice habit that helps build relationships. Slack and Teams also work well within the company. I find myself catching up with colleagues through chat, and if I have questions, I usually find an answer to them quickly from Slack.

I was lucky to find my first client project rapidly after joining. It’s a data validation project for a Finnish client where I work together with three other colleagues, one from Finland and two from Estonia. Soon we’ll also be collaborating with some Chinese team members!

Creating an impact that lasts

I see a lot of opportunities for Solita here in Germany, as there is a big need for many organisations to modernise their systems. Solita has deep expertise in the cloud and a lot of know-how in building sustainable architectures. As a data engineer, I can help develop modern systems that are competitive in the global market. I’m also looking forward to learning more about different client organisations and their IT infrastructure. The variety in the IT landscape keeps the job interesting.

By doing this work, I can see an impact on many levels. We can improve the quality of data to help our clients make better decisions. This, in turn, can help them save money and increase their business results. Also, when digital systems are upgraded to more modern ones, people can focus on more meaningful tasks and leave the boring routine tasks to automated systems.

I’ve been passionate about IT development for a long time and have spent a lot of my free time working on these topics. Now I can also make a living from my passion in a company that supports my growth and helps me develop toward the direction that I find interesting.

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