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Embracing autonomy and innovation at Solita Cloud

Matti Leino Senior Cloud Consultant

Published 17 Jan 2024

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At Solita, we understand the importance of autonomy in fostering innovation. Senior Cloud Professionals like Markus highlight this, noting, “We have significant autonomy to make major architectural decisions. We know the best practices and standards. Based on our strong knowledge we can do things on our way, with the freedom that comes with responsibility.” 

This sentiment is echoed across our team, where the lack of rigid role boundaries and the ability to contribute across a spectrum of tasks isn’t just appreciated but encouraged. The unique blend of a small company’s agility with the muscle of a larger organisation provides a supportive and dynamic environment for cloud professionals.

Real impact and genuine partnership

A standout aspect of working in Solita Cloud is the genuine partnership we cultivate with our clients. As Matti puts it, “In our client engagements, we experience true collaboration, rather than a traditional client-vendor relationship.” This partnership ethos allows for a deeper understanding of client needs and a more effective implementation of solutions.

Our focus isn’t just on delivering projects but on creating lasting impact. Whether it’s assisting clients in achieving long-sought-after goals or innovating alongside them, the work is meaningful and rewarding.

Technical excellence and versatility

Technical prowess is a cornerstone of Solita Cloud. Markus explains, “Our way of working in the cloud is geared towards automation. We employ IAC and Git, ensuring processes are streamlined and efficient.” This approach underscores our commitment to technical excellence and our ability to adapt to various cloud plxatforms based on client needs.

Our diverse skill set across major public clouds, such as Azure, AWS, and GCP, ensures we can always find the best platform for our clients’ unique requirements. It’s not just about offering a solution; it’s about offering the right solution.

A day in the life at Solita Cloud

Variety is the spice of life, and it’s certainly true for a day in the life of our experts. A typical day might include deep technical discussions, strategic meetings with CXO-level executives, and hands-on coding sessions. It’s this variety that keeps our work engaging and our skills sharp.

Senior professionals like Markus and Matti emphasise the importance of this diversity in their daily work, highlighting how it contributes to continuous learning and professional growth.

A place for growth and impact

Solita Cloud is more than just a workplace; it’s a space where senior cloud professionals thrive, innovate, and make a real difference. The freedom to explore, the support of a diverse and talented team, and the satisfaction of impactful work make Solita Cloud a unique and fulfilling place to be.

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