Are you and Solita a match?

Outi Sivonen Chief Human Resources Officer, Solita

Published 30 May 2024

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Changing jobs can cause quite a lot of stress – be it positive or negative. You have some factors pushing you from your current workplace and pulling factors attracting in the new one. And vice versa. You are making a major decision and obviously you really don’t know how it will turn out in the new place if you decide to take that offer. Should you change? Should you stay? What to expect? 

The intention is to describe what is the context you would work, what is the work, and what we can offer for you – and what we can´t. Hopefully, this will help you to figure out if Solita is your place or not.

This work matters

Let’s start with why we exist. We have always been focusing on solving the trickiest challenges organisations and societies have. Now, grown into a European player, we get to advise some of Europe’s most dynamic and most demanding customers on their biggest, toughest, and juiciest problems. That’s a privilege that can only be earned. We create impact that lasts. We do this with our approx. 2000 software development, data, cloud, design, and strategy crew in nine countries. 

What does it mean for you? You would work as part of a community of communities, and embrace the fact that each office has its own local vibe. None of us will ever know each of us and that’s okay. But you would find your own bubble of community here. This means you must be active yourself, create relationships and networks.

We expect a lot – and that’s why the support and community is there

We are rewarded as having the most humane working culture – caring being one of our values. Clear expectations and outcomes are a crucial part of that. You should know what you are being asked to do, what good looks like and how you’re doing. Surely, this work is not for all – consultancy can be pressurized; you might not always work on your dream project and not with the latest and coolest tech. Working at Solita can feel like training in an Olympic sports team; having a lot of hard training, but also the best support available. You will have your own people lead, and caring colleagues (our eNPS score on question My manager cares about me as a person is 66, which is clearly above the benchmark)

We also have an extensive mental well-being service portfolio, a lot of learning and growth opportunities and we keep our spirits high by getting to know each other – including all sorts of get-togethers, from team events to informal clubs and groups. We are humane: If your life takes a new turn or something unexpected happens, let’s talk. You are not alone.

There’s no one ‘type’ here – might as well be yourself

We value and respect each other as human beings, not just colleagues. That means working every day to make sure everyone feels included. We hire you the way you are, and it means there is no need to change. You don’t have to start some political company games, and the organisation is open and laid-back in its discussion culture. That might also feel too much if you don’t want it or are not used to it. 

Having a diverse crew means having diverse views. We all must accept it and embrace it. And many appreciate the diversity – as an example we won third place in the best workplace for women awards by Global Women in Tech 2023. We are a diverse and wonderful group of individuals, united by shared values: being caring, courageous, passionate, and easy-going.

We’re all grown-ups – and we expect you to be too

Instead of hierarchies and control, we believe in high personal responsibility and accountability. As we have a crew of 2000 people in 9 countries, surely, we have layers: managers and directors in different areas. However – our ways of working are very much embracing autonomy: freedom with accountability. We want to be clear about roles and responsibilities but leave a lot of autonomy on how you do your work

You have flexibility in how and where you choose to work, knowing that you’ll always act in the best interest of your client and your team. We empower our teams to be autonomous and bold and trust them to make the right choices. Many people really love this atmosphere – but for some it might feel like too much freedom. To succeed and like it here, you need high self-leadership skills as well as community skills.

We will not build a career for you – we help you to do it yourself

The quality and quantity of our expertise determines the relevance and impact of the problems we get to work on. Curiosity has always been the source of our success, everyone’s curiosity. Without that individuals or communities can’t learn and develop. At Solita you are the architect of your own career, and we can help you build it. We do our best to match your projects with your interests. But – sometimes that is not possible, and you might need to learn for a while in a surrounding that was not your dream. You should be prepared for that as well. We also give you a lot of learning opportunities – in our academies and most profoundly in everyday work, where you get to learn from your colleagues. 

Our eNPS score to question I feel that I’m growing professionally is 50, which is 38 points higher than the industry average. Here you will learn and grow – our consultants are the business developers of this company.

To sum it up

Solita is your workplace if you like challenging work and tricky problems. If you love working and growing with a European tech company. If you appreciate having a high level of autonomy, meaning freedom and accountability with a culture of caring. Solita is for you if you want to learn, challenge yourself and if you are ready to live up to our values, and if you value yourself and others as they are.

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