New ERP system to boost Järvileasing’s growth

Järvileasing hero ERP system

Järvileasing was on the lookout for a new sales and contract management tool to support its growth targets and to enable further business expansion. In collaboration with Solita, Järvileasing went for a custom ERP solution tailored to its needs. “The system is bursting at the seams with features relevant to our current business activities, and it is easy to adjust it further to meet our needs even better.

It has been fantastic to see how the system adapts to our needs and requirements. Our staff have praised its ease of use,” says Mika Peltoniemi, Development Manager at Järvileasing.

Järvileasing is a fairly new start-up focusing on leasing services. With Järvileasing, business clients can acquire various types of vehicles, heavy machinery, and other equipment for a monthly fee. Fast growth and plans to expand its service portfolio to cover also private customers made Järvileasing explore ways in which it could continue to serve a growing customer base efficiently without the need for more staff.

For this, Järvileasing needed a new ERP system that would genuinely support its business. To ensure scalability, the company wanted to minimise the need for repetitive manual work.


  • Järvileasing’s business processes have been modelled, and the company now has up-to-date, consistent and complete data at its disposal

  • The company’s business culture was quickly modernised as Järvileasing gained a wider perspective on its operations with the new ERP system

  • In the future, the new system will allow the expansion and development of business operations and knowledge-based management

  • The new ERP system allows to scale the business without the need to increase human resources

Solita and Järvileasing discussed the current and potential future business processes. Järvileasing had a long list of requirements for the new system, based on which Solita performed a preliminary survey. As no off-the-shelf solution was available to suit Järvileasing’s needs, it was decided to build a custom ERP system. These days, solutions fully tailored to customer needs are fairly rare.

“However, building a custom solution may still be the best course of action if no suitable system is available on the market. An off-the-shelf solution can be difficult to adapt to the processes of an individual company,” says Business Lead Joonas Juujärvi from Solita.

After just nine months, Järvileasing had an operational ERP system. Close collaboration and open communication between the client and Solita was the key to success within a tight schedule. For Järvileasing, this was the first development project of this scale, so the choice of partner was crucial for the outcome.

“Everybody from Solita I’ve been in contact with has been very pleasant and professional. We felt we were working together, and that Solita really wanted to help and understand us,” Peltoniemi from Järvileasing says.

Aiming for a reliable, high-performance and easy to use system

Järvileasing’s objective was to continue operating as cost-effectively as possible and to boost collaboration with its business partners and clients. The goal was to automate as many functions as possible to allow the system to serve the constantly expanding customer base.

Reliability and performance were other key requirements for the new system.

“As our business has grown and our portfolio has expanded, we can now offer leasing services to new sectors and customer groups. The system very flexibly adapts to our various needs,” Peltoniemi says.

Instead of just digitalising existing processes, Järvileasing has created entirely new ones. The idea behind a custom system was that it would be easy to adapt and develop further.

“We’ve had our hearts in this project, and have felt that the client really trusts us. We’ve also had the courage to tell the client if we think something they have planned may not work or be the optimal solution,” project manager Markus Uusimäki from Solita says.

Järvileasing case ERP system

Modern tailoring

Järvileasing’s custom solution employs a modern cloud environment. The solution is based on Microsoft’s .NET technology and the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Without a legacy IT infrastructure, it was possible to build the new system and lay a whole new digital foundation to meet Järvileasing’s future business needs.

The system supports easy development of new self-service features and provides tools for building visibility into the company’s partner network. Process automation is constantly increased.

As part of the Autotalo Järvi group, Järvileasing’s leasing services for entrepreneurs and businesses range from various types of vehicles to illuminated advertising, facilities, sports equipment and agricultural machinery.

Collaboration with Solita has been great! Instead of Solita just providing a service, I’ve felt that we actually worked together on the project

Mika Peltoniemi Development Manager, Järvileasing

Goodbye to the old ERP system!

With the new ERP system, spreadsheets are no longer needed, even for reporting purposes. With the new tools, the operating culture at Järvileasing was modernised overnight. All processes have been modelled, and the company now has complete and up-to-datedata at its disposal.

“This guarantees that we can continue to develop our business and its knowledge-based management. Having reliable data today makes a huge difference for tomorrow,” Peltoniemi points out.

With the new ERP system, Järvileasing also deployed a new CRM system supplied by another partner. Close collaboration with the two business partners was smooth, and the systems were integrated into a whole that met the company’s needs.

“We now have several systems that work beautifully together, and we are also already planning new integrations. The integrity and reliability of our data has been ensured, and manual work steps are a thing of the past,” Peltoniemi says.

We now have several systems that work beautifully together, and we are also already planning new integrations. The integrity and reliability of our data has been ensured, and manual work steps are a thing of the past.

Mika Peltoniemi Development Manager, Järvileasing