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A best-of-breed platform for budgeting, forecasting and planning

With Planacy, you can make budgeting and planning processes smoother and faster. You can reduce time consuming planning, improve collaboration and quality and simplify, for example, complex HR and staff budgeting.

A driver-based budget process

Planacy is developed to handle complex budget processes and is completely customizable. You’ll get more control, a budget with higher precision – and more time for strategic activities.

Better prospects with simple, automatic forecasts

With Planacy you can work more proactively and continuously with operative and financial planning. You’re only a few clicks away from creating a new forecast, filling out all of the templates with relevant actuals data and (if desired) generating a forecast proposal. You can work with financial and operative planning according to the method that suits you best.

Integrate with business intelligence

Planacy can be integrated with Excel or the market’s leading Business Intelligence tools such as QlikView®, Qlik Sense®, Tableau® and Microsoft Power BI®. We do not compete with world-leading BI tools. Instead, we seamlessly make sure to use them. Plan, follow up and iterate!

Get started easily

Our experts have a deep understanding of business needs, budgeting, forecasting and planning processes in companies. We help you to get started with modern planning and Planacy, and utilise Planacy’s advanced features effectively.

Partner Consultant of the Year 2020

“We’re of course also proud of all of our partner consultants, but the award for Partner Consultant of the year goes to a consultant who has delivered a complete and streamlined planning process for an important customer.

He has also, with sensitivity, commitment and not least feedback contributed to our product and business development – congratulations Mats Hedberg at Solita Sweden.”

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