The insider’s guide to acing your interview and becoming a Solitan Working at Solita

Hi! So, you want to work at Solita? Well, we’re excited to meet you. As you prepare to go into your first interview, we thought we’d share some information we think you’ll find helpful.

We’ve created a guide where you’ll find everything you need to know about interviewing for and working at Solita: from our culture to the work we do, our interview process, and our tips for making the best impression possible.

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Working at Solita - read the insider's guide to acing your interview and becoming a Solitan

What’s inside?

1. Who we’re looking for

Discover what makes someone a great fit for Solita:

  • Roles & specialisations: Learn about the diverse roles we offer and the specialisations we’re always on the lookout for.
  • Personality traits: Find out what qualities we value in our team members and how you can showcase your fit for our culture.

2. What to expect through your application process

Get the inside scoop on our hiring process:

  • The interview stages: We break down each step, from the initial call to the final offer, so you know exactly what to expect.
  • What to expect after your interviews: Understand the follow-up process and what happens once your interviews are complete.
  • Top tips to ace your interview: Get our best advice for making a great impression and standing out as a top candidate.

3. Why you should work with us

Learn why Solita is a great place to build your career:

  • Our sustainable goals: Discover our commitment to sustainability and how we’re working towards a better future.
  • Our ways of working: Find out what it’s like to work with us, from our collaborative culture to our commitment to personal growth.
  • Five things that give our culture its power: Understand the core values that drive us and how they shape our work environment.
  • What Solitans are saying: Read testimonials from current employees about their experiences and why they love working at Solita.

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