Turn good intentions to pragmatic action Handbook of leading sustainable value with AI

As AI adoption continues to increase in virtually all industries, leaders face a critical challenge: how to leverage the power of AI while ensuring that it is used in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Get pragmatic approaches for utilising AI for the good of your organisation and customers, while minimising negative impacts to people and the planet. You’ll also gain insights into best practices through case studies from industry leaders who have successfully implemented sustainable AI practices.

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While AI has the potential to transform existing businesses and unlock new opportunities, it can also have significant negative impacts, such as perpetuating gender or racial discrimination or causing environmental harm. Sustainable use of AI means capturing the potential of AI while carefully managing the risks and impacts. Investing in AI sustainability isn’t an option but a necessity. Besides taking better control of the impacts of AI systems, it enables responsible AI innovation through increased confidence and by setting boundaries and guidelines.

Sustainable thinking is the only way forward if we want to keep building responsible businesses and solutions for a thriving world. The use of AI is no exception.

This handbook will give you practical guidance on how to lead sustainable use of AI. It offers pragmatic approaches and best practices through case studies and draws on insights from our study conducted in 2022 on the state of sustainable AI in Finland and beyond. The insights provided in this handbook will enable leaders to make informed decisions about leveraging the power of AI while promoting ethical use of data and analytics, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability. We hope that this handbook will be a valuable resource for leaders who are committed to driving positive change.

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