Threading a Data Mesh with Snowflake

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Location Brussel

Date 20 Jun 2023

Welcome to our event on June 20 at 12.00-17.00, Threading a Data Mesh with Snowflake, a comprehensive exploration of the game-changing data management strategy, data mesh, and how it can be effectively implemented with Snowflake’s powerful cloud data platform.

The event is divided into four insightful sessions

Session 1. Uncover the concept of data mesh, pinpointing the pain points in traditional data management approaches and how data mesh can address these. We’ll delve into real-world experiences from our clients, discussing how data mesh impacted their data landscapes. The session concludes with a Q&A segment, inviting you to engage in a dialogue with our implementation experts.

Session 2. Navigate through our strategic approach to accelerating data mesh implementation. It throws light on what makes our approach to data mesh unique and a driver of successful lean implementations. This will be followed by another interactive Q&A segment, encouraging your curious inquiries.

Session 3. Focus on the Snowflake approach to data mesh. Learn about Snowflake’s powerful capabilities, and how it enables the creation of data products, and hear from reference customers who have realised the potential of data mesh on Snowflake. Another Q&A session follows, opening the floor to your questions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to weave your data strategy to the next level with data mesh and Snowflake.

Join us in Bowling Stones- Steenweg op Brussel 397, 1780 Wemmel on Tuesday, June 20, at 12.00 CEST!


Location Bowling Stones- Steenweg op Brussel 397, 1780 Wemmel

12.00 Welcome lunch
13.00 Session 1: Introduction to Data Mesh
13.45 Coffee break
14.00 Session 2: How Solita’s experience can accelerate implementation
14.45 Coffee break
15.00 Session 3: How to Knit Your Data Mesh on Snowflake
15.45 Coffee break and opportunity for 1 to 1 discussion
16.00 Bowling and mingling

Meet the speakers

Rachel Costa is part of the partner sales engineering team at Snowflake, working together with our Benelux partners. Before joining Snowflake last February, she was at Tableau Software, also working with partners, in the Benelux and Iberia regions. Formerly a journalist, she changed the newsrooms for the analytical space in 2015. Since then, she has worked as an analytics consultant for different customers (Barclays, JLL, The World Food Programme of the United Nations and others). Active in the data community, she is a co-lead for the Data+Women initiative, a global network of women working in data.

Rachel Costa Snowflake

Fernando Polónia is a seasoned Connected Data professional with over 15 years of experience, specialising in leveraging connected data to drive meaningful insights and strategic decision-making. As a skilled leader, has successfully managed Connected Data practices, focusing on data collection, integration, analysis, and visualisation, delivering impactful solutions.

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