Growing sustainably

Solita has grown consistently, profitably and responsibly for over 25 years.

Here’s our approach to sustainable growth.

Our people

Everything we do stems from our people. With our passionate, highly-educated and caring people, we believe we can create a more sustainable tomorrow. Solita provides work and livelihood for over 1300 employees and hundreds of partners.


Climate change is one of the largest global challenges. The ICT industry is estimated to account for 8–10% of European electricity consumption and up to 4% of its carbon emissions. The ICT industry and digital technologies cause carbon emissions that are significant on a global scale. At the same time, they provide possibilities to accelerate decarbonisation, if used wisely.

    • We will decrease our carbon footprint and become carbon neutral to help fight climate change.
    • We’re committed to the science-based emissions reduction in line with a 1.5°C pathway.
    • From 2022 onwards, we will measure our greenhouse gas emissions annually based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG).
    • In 2023, the emissions from the year 2022 will be compensated based on the results of our carbon footprint calculations. From 2023 onwards, this will be done annually.
    • We promote environmental sustainability in our operations and in our value chain.
    • As an example, we offer employees a bike leasing opportunity and support the use of public transportation. To improve the sustainability of our value chain, we encourage our partners to set set science-based emissions reduction targets.
    • We are aiming for ISO14001 certification during 2022 as a proof of our systematic efforts to improve our environmental work.
    • We will continue to increase awareness among our employees about environmental sustainability topics to support our environmental goals and reduce the carbon footprint of Solitans.
    • We are also happy to have an active and engaged group of employees, who give us valuable feedback and support us in our actions.

Increasing our handprint through our client projects

Our handprint through our client work has much more significant impact than our direct footprint – even though it’s hard to calculate.

Our aim is to create digital services that positively impact business, people, society, and the environment. Our role is essential in helping customers become more environmentally sustainable.

Responsible business

For us, responsible business means conducting our business ethically; complying with laws and regulations; screening and carefully selecting the customers and partners we work with; adhering to the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact; and using data, design and technology responsibly.

Our vision is to create long-lasting value by conducting our business in an ethical way, with the highest integrity, while ensuring that our employees and partners are aware of and committed to an ethical way of working.

    • We comply with laws and regulations and compete fairly.
    • As a company, we are not involved in political or religious activities and do not support such activities financially.
    • We are committed to complying with anti- money laundering legislation.
    • Bribery, including any kind of facilitation payments, and acceptance of bribery is strictly forbidden in all our activities.
    • As a company, we respect human rights and strongly condemn all activities that are against the law or violate human rights.
    • We do not accept the use of child labour or human trafficking.
    • To improve our evaluation process, we have documented the partner screening and selection process in writing, including the selection criteria. We have also published a separate Code of Conduct to be used with our partners.
    • We take data security and data privacy seriously and follow information security best practices.

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