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We are a dbt Premier Partner

dbt, or Data Build Tool, is an innovative data engineering tool designed to streamline and optimise the analytics workflow. It empowers data teams to transform, test, and deploy data pipelines with ease and efficiency. By integrating SQL-based modelling and a robust testing framework, dbt enables data engineers and analysts to collaboratively build and maintain data pipelines in a scalable and reproducible manner. 

Our dbt experts will help you on your data transformation journey. Solita is the only consulting partner in the Nordics to obtain the highest partner tier. The dbt Labs Premier Partner tier recognises partners with the highest level of technical expertise and customer record of accomplishment. 

We help you all the way Our services as dbt Premier Partner

  • Consultation and expert implementation

    Ensuring the strategic implementation of dbt in customers’ data stack is seamless and smooth

  • End-to-end support

    Offering support from the initial set-up to on-going management of the dbt environment 

  • Data transformation strategy

    Helping customers redefine their data transformation strategy for improved efficiency, reliability and transparency in data workflows 

  • Training & enablement

    Customised training programs to develop your team’s dbt expertise, promoting in-house autonomy and expertise 

  • Community

    Community of dbt users and enthusiasts, arranging meetups, offering a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and community building among data professionals

Why dbt

Accelerate the data development lifecycle

Unlock the potential of your data with a cloud-based platform designed to support faster production. dbt accelerates the speed of development by allowing you to:

  • Free up data engineering time by inviting more team members to contribute to the data development process
  • Write business logic faster using a declarative code style
  • Improve code re-usability with modularity and macros
  • Onboard new data developers faster with comprehensive, automatic documentation of your data products 

Maintain governance and control of your analytics code

Manage your analytics with the same standards you apply to all business-critical assets. dbt allows you to test business logic, ensure data quality, and fix issues proactively before they impact your business. With improved visibility, you can uncover inefficient spending on computing and integrate code changes quickly. 

Build for scale and complexity

Prepare for the complexity that arises as your data matures. dbt is a data management platform that’s built for scale and grows with you, so you can:

  • Unify your team and standardise processes across your systems
  • Give your teams’ workflow extensibility and flexibility with integrations and APIs from our robust partner ecosystem
  • Trust in dbt Labs’ service level agreements, guaranteed uptime, and 247 business support 
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Embark on a transformative data journey that not only delivers insights but tangible business value. Contact us today to learn how our partnership can elevate your data capabilities to unprecedented heights.

Ludwig Sewall Data Tech Lead, Solita

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