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Agility for your business

Boomi is an intelligent integration platform for easy and quick integrations. Our specialists can help you work out the best possible solution from design to maintenance.

The ability to react quickly to the changing needs of business and customers is among the most important competitive factors. As an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) service, Boomi can be used to implement system and service integrations with simple drag-and-drop operations. The service includes a wide variety of pre-configured connectors for cloud platforms, such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, as well as commonly used SaaS services, such as Salesforce and NetSuite.

Hassle-free start

The Boomi integration platform includes fully-featured tools for API and master data management, as well as a dashboard-type desktop view for monitoring the implemented integrations. Starting is easy: the graphical development environment is fully cloud-based, and the operating costs scale according to use, making for a cost-effective start. The speed at which development can be implemented is one of the core strengths of Boomi.

Single platform for more simple integration development and maintenance

Integrations are configured using a clear and intuitive graphical user interface that handles the simultaneous development and maintenance of testing and production environments. Instead of integration spaghetti, integrations are maintained in an orderly fashion on a dedicated platform.

For growing integration, Boomi supports modular plug-ins of essential integration platform features, such as API management, master data management, EDI traffic management and, as the newest feature, workflow management.

Flexible and cost-effective package

In Boomi, integrations are implemented and described in the dedicated runtime engine Atom. At its simplest, Atom can be delivered from cloud as a service (iPaaS), but it can also be installed as an on-premise application in the company server room or used as a hybrid integration platform (HIP).

Boomi offers a flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model. Pricing is based on actual use, i.e. the number of integrated systems and data sources to be integrated. For example, only two charged connections are needed to integrate an ERP system and a CRM system, regardless of the scope of the integration and the volume of data and messages transferred between the systems.

Our specialists will have you covered from design to maintenance

We help our customers find the best solution for their organisation and its needs. Our certified experts can design and implement even the most challenging systems. Boomi gives technologically advanced organisations the option to develop and manage integrations independently, but we also offer comprehensive consultation and maintenance services.

Boomi creates business value quickly

  • No major initial investment

  • Quick deployment

  • Adapts to changes in business

  • Development and maintenance on the same platform

  • New functions are easy to plug in, e.g. MDM

  • Flexible pricing

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