Strategic Data Management – Securing data solutions by design

Aika: 3.11.2022
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Solita Strategic Data Management webinar series, part 4:

Data security and cyber security are more topical than ever. But what is the balance between securing data and creating value by sharing data? How to make sure at the same time that data flows in the organization for business use but it is still properly protected.

We claim that it is possible to safely share the data and get business value from it. You just have to take the right actions at the beginning of the development. Watch the recording and hear what tips and tricks our specialists but also the domain expert F-Secure has to share about the topic. 


Host: Janne Niinivaara, Head of Defence and Security, Solita

Data-related development with a sense of security

  • Digital moments in our daily lives have dramatically increased during the last few years, and the usage of data and the need for data-oriented apps have followed that trend. At the same time, consumers feel that the security experience is broken. They feel that the internet is not a secure place and to an increasing extent, applications are also unsafe. Applications which – we collectively – data and software developers are developing. Building trust among end-users starts actually from the very beginning of the development process. Even though cyber security topics feel complex they can be simplified.
    Joonas Julkunen, Director, Business Technology & IT, F -Secure Corporation

Design for a secure data solution

  • Data solutions have been traditionally secured by hiding them behind firewalls and hard to get access. This doesn’t help to get data into efficient use. While the cloud can act as a true enabler for data use cases there are factors to take into account. We have experience in creating hybrid data solutions where necessary controls can be implemented and data can still be easily accessible for decided use cases.
    Pekka Haavisto, Lead Architect, Solita

API as business enabler – how to secure it?

  • APIs are a major way to exchange data from the business to the customers or from the customers to the business processes. APIs are consumed constantly by millions of consumer applications, business processes and industrial applications so the APIs have become one of the key assets of the business. Some businesses rely on their monetization logic upon the productized APIs. Because APIs are very commonly used, and because they enable access to sensitive software functions and data, they are becoming a primary target for attackers. This is something that needs to be understood by the IT teams but also in business design. How can you design and protect your APIs without security risks?
    Sauli Kukkonen, API Consultant, Solita

Meet our experts:

Janne Niinivaara is Head of Defence and Security, one of Solita’s strategic domains. He has a background in the military, being focussed on C4I systems. Before joining Solita, Janne served in multiple overseas missions, and he is an expert on how the culture and ways of working are vital to the success of any organization. He sees security as a holistic challenge, with emphasis on the people.

Joonas Julkunen is a former data architect & data unit leader, currently working on F-Secure as Director, Business Technology & IT. The main targets are to maintain the balance of business supporting IT architecture, cyber security & development portfolio to reach autonomy for the demerged company.

Pekka Haavisto is a full-stack data architect and consultant. He has been leading the end-to-end development of versatile data solutions from traditional on-premise Data Warehouses to modern cloud Data Platforms. Pekka is comfortable on all levels of solution development, from prototype coding to high-level concept and service design.

Sauli Kukkonen is a API Consultant at Solita. Sauli has worked in ICT for over 18 years in consultancy and different product projects in multiple roles. He has wide experience in API solutions, API architecture, DevOps methodology and software QA.

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