Webinaari: API first strategy in practice for industrial engineering company

Aika: 13.5.2020
Paikka: Webinaari

API first strategy in practice for industrial engineering company

APIs have been a hot topic in IT discussion for couple of years. API economy is shaping business relationships and API management is a new capability that IT needs to build. APIs are adopted into the core of all digital development and API first is taken as key design principle. What these topics really mean and how to walk the API journey in practice?

In this webinar recording we focus on story from Ponsse, the world leading forest machine manufacturer, and tell how they adopted API first strategy and applied APIs widely into all digital development. We dive into different tangible use cases:

  • How APIs are used to engage with customers and partners
  • How APIs modernise traditional application integration
  • How APIs speed up data delivery and utilisation
  • How APIs streamline tailored application development process

You will discover:

  • How API first strategy and API economy are applied in practice
  • What different API use cases modern IT faces
  • What to consider from solution and architecture point of view
  • What technologies are required to master the API game

Webinar is hosted by Mauri Viitamaa, Principal Consultant, Solita and Markus Jääskelä, Senior Integration Specialist, Solita.