Breakfast event

Get value out of modern data management

16.3.2023, Maakri 19, Tallinn Sign up

Data is the key asset of every business and it will be an essential enabler for the future success of any company’s business development. If the data is scattered in tens and maybe hundreds of systems without proper governance, it is hard to face global turmoil, new competitors, challenges, and rapidly changing customer and supplier situations. Common data, like customer data, is everywhere, almost in every system. And without data management there is just a spiderweb of integrations, and processes ending with e-mail hassle. There are data quality and even security risks and issues, you name it.

We think that companies should invest in master data management (MDM) solutions when they:

  • Have a need for new reporting, like sustainability or legal reporting. Instead of fixing the data only for one purpose, to get the underlying data right for all other purposes as well.
  • Face a problem with long application development times. In most cases, the projects are waiting for data from the old systems, and the old systems are not always capable of real time data sharing.
  • Are thinking of renewing an ERP system. Instead of making the ERP project a huge and long lasting giant, what if the master data issues, migration and E.g. hierarchies for marketing would be taken care of by an agile and easy MDM tool.

Thus the MDM topic is an essential part of the company’s data management where the approach and tooling for it is developing as fast as the rest of the digitalisation platforms & services.

We invite you to join our live meet-up in our Tallinn office, Maakri 19, where you will get answers to:

  • How do modern master data management solutions bring business value and cost saving through reusable “data products”?
  • How do you implement modern data management with constant, measurable value delivery?
  • What does the modern MDM solution, Semarchy, look like?
  • How does cloud platform enable modern MDM implementation?
  • Open discussion on what are the current challenges participants face and what would be the ways of solving them.

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8:45 – 9:00 Welcoming and breakfast
9:00 – 9:25 How modern data management brings you value time after time, and is not sunk cost
9:25 – 9:50 Maximising speed-to-value through use-case driven data management
9:50 – 10:15 Demo of Semarchy, master data management tool
10:15 – 10:40 Cloud capabilities for MDM implementation
10:40 – 11:00 Open discussion


Solita office
Maakri 19/1, 4th floor

Meet the speakers

Perttu Salli, Business Lead, Data Management, Solita

Perttu and the team are creating world-leading data solutions for our customers at Solita. We are a technology, design, and strategy consultancy that helps organisations to use data and technology to create lasting impact. With 25+ years of experience and 100+ completed data projects, Perttu has been a trusted advisor for many customers in their strategic data initiatives. He has brought numerous innovative data solutions from idea to production. That’s why his ideas are battle-tested and there are a big number of real life examples. Perttu is passionate about speeding up all digital and data development for his customers. He does so by creating the core capabilities of modern data management, data-driven enterprise architecture and end-to-end governance.

Joel Vanhalakka, Full-Stack Data Consultant & Silo Hacker, Solita

Joel is an entrepreneurial spirit & a full-stack data consultant with a background in business research passionate about saving the world from bad data. Joel breaks business silos and kills legacy ERPs and excels for breakfast. He talks about DataOps way more than he should. He has played a key role in the Nordics and central Europe as a Data Developer, Architect & Designer in over 10 data management implementations. Joel is also a free time bedroom musician.

”If you don’t make dust you will eat dust.”

Henry Stryker, Data Engineer, Solita

With an understanding of data engineering and master data management implementation through consultation and development as well as master data management capacity building, Henry has been actively involved with data solution development for over three years and has cemented his expertise in MDM solution definitions and its development through tools such as Semarchy, Informatica, and MDS. A typical undertaking for Henry involves data projects of multi domains, diverse sources via connectivity streams and diverse consuming systems with implementation spanning across several countries. His drive towards digital transformation has led him to study software engineering with an emphasis on software & data products as undergraduate studies and innovation and technology management again with an emphasis on data, analytics, technical business analysis & change management as post graduate studies.

Henri Kunstmann, Cloud Engineer, Solita

As a Cloud Engineer, Henri Kunstmann brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role. With a master’s degree in telecommunications from Tallinn University of Technology and a background in infrastructure engineering, Henri has worked on a variety of cloud projects in the public sector, startups, and large Scandinavian companies. He is particularly skilled in Azure and thoroughly understands its capabilities. In addition to his technical expertise, Henri has also consulted on numerous data projects throughout his career, making him a knowledgeable speaker about the implementation of Semarchy in Azure.