Solita Tech meetup, Kuopio

Aika: 26.4.2023
Paikka: Kuopio Novapolis, 7th HeavenIlmoittaudu

Solita Tech meetuo Kuopio

Welcome to our Tech meetup on Wednesday, April 26 at 16.30-19.00 (EEST). Solita Tech meetups are easy-going events from professional to professional. No business jargon – just tech!


  • 16.30 Doors open – pizza + salad + beverages + networking
  • 17.00 Welcome words and presentations
  • 18.00 Networking
  • 19.00 Event ends


Vesa Lahdenperä: Time to commit – Creating productive developers

Onboarding is an often overlooked part of our craft. Regardless of experience, when starting in new organisations or projects, we all need onboarding. The onboarding experience is something that both onboardee and onboarder should understand. They both play a central role in a developers onboarding process. However, onboarding is a rarely discussed topic. And the theory, purposes and methods are often veiled in mystery. So if you have a hazy image of onboarding – come and listen.

Ville-Petteri Outamaa: Surviving on a lean data budget

Byte sized bandwidth saving tips from a developer with a monthly data budget of a few dozen kilobytes.

See you on April 26 at KPY Novapolis, Microkatu 1A, 70600, Kuopio. Our team will be greeting you on the first floor and guiding you to the 7th Heaven venue.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to be in touch with Mirka Saarinen-Tansey, [email protected].